Power outage caused damage to equipment, can I be compensated?

A week ago, we had a storm in the area that knocked out power to my store for several hours.

When power resumed, almost all of the coolers and freezers that are hardwired started to malfunction.

You think the power company would be willing to help with repairs?

I seriously doubt it. Odds are there is some fine print in the contract with the power company that says “you plug in at your own risk”.

IANAL or a representative of your power company, though, so I could be wrong.

Only if the power company were somehow negligent for the outage. Otherwise you look to your business insurance policy.

A storm is an act of nature. It’s up to you to mitigate against it.

Might depend on the particular equipment, situation, and power company.

A power surge due to a storm some years ago partially fried my main breaker box. That’s part of the electrical system itself, but it’s on my side of the cutoff point, I’d had to pay for it and for installation, and I owned it, not the electric company.

It took me a bit of arguing, but the power company paid me back for the repairs.

In at least parts of the US, the power company is liable for repairs for any equipment damaged by input power. They have a responsibility to provide clean power and they have equipment designed to do that. When the equipment fails they are responsible. Of course, convincing them of their responsibility tends to be difficult, but in principle they are on the hook. At least in areas of the US I am familiar with. Contact your state board that supervises the power companies. I suggest you use an experienced lawyer, but it might work.

Good luck!