PowerPoint – print four pages vertically?

My Google-fu has failed me. I would like to be able to change the default layouts for printing PowerPoint handouts(2010). I generally print three per page with additional lines. I do have some issues though. Basically the margins are too large and there is a lot of wasted space. However, 6 per page leaves no room for additional notes and there is always the read-across/read down issue.
What I would like to do is alter the available formats when printing so that I increase the slide size slightly, fit four per page vertically and still keep writing space on the right hand side.
So… does anyone know of any hidden settings or tricks that would enable me to do this?

  1. File
  2. Print
  3. In the drop down below where you can select which slides to print choose 4 Slides Vertical
  4. Enjoy a beverage of your choice

I just tried it in PowerPoint 2010 and couldn’t see the difference between four slides vertical and four slides horizontal. Both appeared to be a 2x2 grid.

Ahh looks like Vertical pust the slides in an 2 column orientation versus a 2 row orientation for horizontal.

It doesn’t look like you can put 4 slides in a single line.

Hence the question. The defaults seem to be a massive waste of space. any text or diagrams are too small to be seen well. Two columns three rows always leaves the reader wondering which order the slides should appear. It is the sort of thing that I want configurable. If I want it then there must be others and someone out there has likely come up with a solution. I wouldn’t mind the solution if it was available.


Another low interest thread for j_sum1. nm. I guess I just have problems that no one else does.
In case anyone is interested however, I have found an add on called handout wizard that seems to do the trick.

Located here…
Hope this helps someone.