PowerPuff Girls movie on DVD!

sweeeeeeeet This was the best movies of the summer.

I haven’t bought it yet (still shopping around for the best price), but the “Character Commentary” feature seems like a cool idea.

One thing: as far as I can tell, there’s only the Fullscreen edition available. Anyone know when/if they’ll come out with the Widescreen edition? (or does it share the same fate as Muppet Treasure Island, doomed forever to the world of fullscreen-only DVDs)

There are no public plans for a widescreen version. And what’s worse, it’s not even open-matte, it’s pan-and-scan! :mad:

Even as a fan of the series, this movie just didn’t work AT ALL for me. It had none of the wit of the series and worse still the pacing was off to a huge degree. The thing just dragged, especially the ‘destroying the city’ scene. 80 minutes of tedium when I could have watched a 22 minute episode of the series and laughed 10 times more.

“Come on girls! Let’s stop this gorilla warfare!” :smiley: