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Practice makes perfect.Practice makes perfect

practice practice :o :stuck_out_tongue: :mad: ;j :confused: :smack: :eek: :cool: :wally :smiley: :slight_smile:

practice a post

[li]one[/li][li]two[/li][li]buckle my shoe[/li][/ul]

Don’t forget to read the FAQ for the extra vB codes added at the SDMB.

Link to a post.

Now how about this:

umlaut 0 - ö

ntilde - ñ

e accent - é

a accent - á

times - ×

1/2 - ½

± - ±

< - <

> - >

OK. I know I have to be on pace for setting some kind of record for asking questions that have already been answered in a FAQ, but…

The only two FAQs I know of regarding the technical aspects of posting in vB code are this thread in ATMB entitled “FAQ - techincal issues - please read before posting”, and this FAQ, which is accessible as a button on top of the SDMB main page.

Are these the ones you’re referring to, or is there a FAQ for special codes unique to the SDMB that I’m not aware of?

Nope, that’s them. The ATMB thread in particular. With the spoiler tags and suchlike.

OK. Thanks. That’s what I thought, but it seems like every time I have a question and can’t find the answer on the site, there’s a Lost Gospel/FAQ of the SDMB that I didn’t know about that answers the exact question I just posted. Ijust wanted to make sure I knew about all of them.

Thanks for your help.

Yes, it’s confusing. The “technical issues” FAQ mentions a couple of additional vB codes.

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Normal sized writing. [sup]normal superscript[/sup][sub]normal subscript[/sub]

large writing. [SUP]large superscript[/SUP][sub]large subscript[/sub]






Debi :smack:

Debi :smack:

[SIZE=4]Debi ;j

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