Practice Post

newbie sent in this direction and am asking, any nice, useful tips to not annoy you kind folks?

Use of the caps key may save you a lot of grief.



I shall heed your advice?

You’re free to do whatever you like in regards to the caps key - don’t bother me none - for the most part. It’s just that many of the members here take pride in writing well; punctuation and things similar are a large part of that. It’s often difficult to make complex ideas clear using only the written word. Using the accepted forms removes one more obstacle.

You may also wish to read the FAQs, found here and here. Assuming, of course, that you haven’t already done so.

Welcome aboard; enjoy your stay.

us agree wiv wot unculbeer sed

Uncle Beer is just bein’ cranky today, junkie. Welcome, glad to have you here.