Prader-Willy Syndrome

Well, I’ve watched the first season of Lost on borrowed DVDs. What to watch now? There’s nothing on! So I turned on Biography, which is doing a show on child actors. Mayim Bialik, whose name I recognise, but whose show I can’t recall, has left acting (for the most part) and is persuing a PhD at UCLA. She is spcialising in something to do with Prader-Willy syndrome.

Coincidentally I heard Prader-Willy Syndrome somewhere else. I was watching a film or a television show and one of the characters mentioned it. Hearing it again tonight, I did a quick search; but I found a bunch of pages with lots of medical terminology with which I am unfamiliar.

So: in layman’s terms, what is Prader-Willy Syndrome?

Checked it out on Wikipedia and it kind of looks like Turner’s Syndrome but with obesity and less physical manifestations. Also Turner’s can only be present in females.

Those affected with PWS are obese, short, retarded (probably to varying degrees) and infertile (summing up the Wiki article).

According to Wiki, you heard about it previously on CSI.

Prader-Willy affects the hypothalimus. Person’s who are unfortunate enough to have it never feel full. Ever. They could eat their own body weight in food and still be hungry.

Food in their vacinity has to be kept under lock and key, literally, to prevent the PW sufferer to eat themselves to death, which happens.

Their huge appetite also contributes to their tendancy to be large. I saw a young boy with PB - He was 4 year old and had toped 200 lbs. It was very sad.

That’s where I heard it before. The one last week with the guy who ate himself to death.

Oh, and Johnny, Mayim Bialik was the lead character on “Blossom.”