Praise me and worship me, Fellow Dopers!

Hi everyone! That’s right, it’s time for each and every one of you to praise me, to worship me like you should have been doing all along.

Or not, but that would spoil the fun, won’t it?

…so are you the guy monster or woman monster? …cause I can only worship women…

I think that Monster104 is a good egg. I just can’t quite get past that raving egomania streak he has every once in a while.:smiley:

Ok, I told you last time, if you want me to praise you, I can only praise one part at a time. Now which one’s first?

I built a temple for you in a steamy Indonesian rain forest, but an evil mining company bought the land up from the government, and razed it. Then Christian missionaries converted all of your followers. So AFAIK your religion is extinct.

Plus as a result of this, I’m wanted on fraud charges in Stockholm, Milano, Jakarta, Brisbane, and Norman, Oklahoma. Some god you are. :rolleyes:

Well, Monster, I was in the process of carving a life-sized black marble nude statue of you.

Then the damn chisel slipped, and… well, let’s just say that the worshippers were a bit underwhealmed. Sorry.


LOL!! Thanks for the new sig, Andygirl! That was a classic!

Sorry neuroman…I was laughing quite a bit when I read yours, but andygirl knocked me out of my chair.

Whammo, I’m the guy Monster. I know monster is cuter, but she can start her own “worship me” thread if she wants. I’d sign it :smiley:

There is no god but Monster, and 104 is his prophet!

(That’ll be 20 bucks. C’mon, pay up.)

Monster- is your 1st name “Joe”? :smiley:

Oh Monster! I worship at your holy shrine…wait a sec. Is that supposed to be life size? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pick a sacrifice, any sacrifice, and it will be performed for you… all you have to do is ask (or demand in all your glory… hee hee hee).

Ahem, monster is also more humble. :wink:

Man is made in God’s image (allegedly).

Does this mean all us SD males gotta get circumcised? :eek:

Can I take your name in vain, does that count?

Cause I’ll start going around saying, “Oh, monsterdammit!”

:eek: :o Um, have you guys read Monster 10:4 yet?

I’m sorry but I will have to refrain from worshiping…

at least until you graduate from high school. :smiley:

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Well, um, andygirl, get out the superglue! No one will ever know the difference. Sure, it’ll look a little crooked, but it won’t matter as long as it is put back to the “proper size.”

Do I want to know what he was doing when this statue was made?

Um, well, I think he was just standing there, naked.