Pravda says there are lunar cities on the moon?

My buddy sent me this, I’m calling total BS. But I was wondering if any western sources have claimed the same thing?

Pravda Story


If you’re asking if the article is BS, I’d say it looks like a genuine Pravda article. If you’re asking if the claims made by the article are BS, I’d say obviously.

Pravada says alot of things, quite a few of them aren’t true.

Though Pravada do serious articles, they also indulge in supermarket tabloid journalism.

Pravda is a weird institution. It has not true Western equivalent. As you probably know, it was formerly the organ of the Communist Party. It is still the largest and most important Russian newspaper, but that doesn’t mean that Western standards aply to it. Think of it as occupying a weird nexus between Fox News, The New York Times, and the Weekly World News.

I think it would be stranger, but still in the realm of possibility for Pravda, if they reported lunar cities on Mars.

That article includes the immortal line, “Specialist for lunar studies Richard Hoagland says…” which pretty much means it is junk. Specialist, my ass. Hoagland sees cities in his soup. He has never met a planet that wasn’t copiuously supplied with evidence of present or former intelligent habitation, all conveniently just barely out of range of whatever viewing device he is using. The more he squints, the more he sees. And as the resolution improves, what he sees just gets smaller.

As opposed to lunar cities somewhere else?


Wait… Is this the Moscow Pravda, or the Novylen Pravda?

Well, if one sprouted rocket engines and flew off for Alpha Centuri I would describe it as ‘lunar’ :smiley:

Sorry, but if you start nitpicking…

A Russian once told me this:

Pravda means “truth”
Izvestia means “news”
An old Russian joke went "There’s no news in Pravda and no truth in Izvestia. "

Sure, plenty of western sources. Also plenty of western sources claiming they see cities on Mars, spacecraft in SOHO images, and at least one massive coverup for every government employee. Russia by no means has a monopoly on nutbars. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s 100 percent true. I’m posting from my adobe hut on the outskirts of the Sea of Tranquility. I have a bitchin’ wireless rig hooked up to mom’s house on venus. My message to earthlings:


Over and out.


Yeah, sure. Just hold on a mo…

Heeeeeeeeey! Wait a minute! They don’t have adobe on the Moon!

I have an old old book for children that says the moon is made of green cheese!

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Once again, proof that truth is stranger than fiction!

God, i’ve been waiting forever to use that line…

AFAIK, The Pravda on the net is NOT the online presence of the newspaper in Russia.


Flodjunior inherited a science question-and-answer book that had been a favorite of mine when I was a kid. He brought it to me, open to a particular page, and said “Mamma, I think maybe this is a bit out of date.”

The question on that page was Why do scientists think there is life on Mars? :o

We reviewed the rest of the book very carefully that evening…

Pravda has become a very strange paper since the fall of the Soviet Union - not to say it didn’t have its moments before, of course. Absolutely bizarre tabloid stories mixed in with mundane actual news stories. Read with caution.