Prayes, good thoughts, and spells needed for evilbeth

As many of you know, evilbeth hasn’t been around much lately, due to a combination of a somewhat difficult pregnancy and a busy home and work schedule. Sunday, at 12:15 PM, her daughter was born by emergency c-section.
15 weeks early.

Emma Katheryn is 11 1/2 inches long and 14 ounces. Yes, 14 OZ, as in not even a pound, yet.

Time to get that doper mojo working, folks. The Docs say she may actually be the smallest baby ever in that part of Tennessee, and are amazed at how well she is doing, considering how early she was born. They believe that she would be able to breathe on her own, but don’t want her to wear herself out doing so. Right now, things are looking about as well as possible for a preemie that young, but the first 72 hours is the critical time. Beth, Emma and Steven certainly need all of the prayes, good thoughts, positive vibes and spells anyone cares to cast in their direction. Beth herself is doing fine, and will be checking the e-mail listed in her profile when she gets home. I will also post any further news as I get it in this thread. Dopers, start your prayers, spells, wishes, etc…

It’s amazing what the wonders of medicine have done in the field of neo-natal care. 15 weeks, while scary to all, is not insurmountable for the little Emma.

I’m confident that Not-so-evil-Emma will be reach her first birthday pretty much the developmental equal of other 1 year olds.
mixing up a big batch of mojo gumbo

I’ve missed evilbeth and had been wondering lately how she was, since she mentioned she was expecting in one of her last posts.

I’ll be thinking of the evilfamily; Emma Katheryn sounds like a real little trooper, and she has a lovely name.

If possible please let Beth know that prayers and good thoughts are being sent for the whole family. Emma Katheryn especially.

You’ve got it, Dave. My good thoughts, best wishes and positive vibes are going out for Beth, Emma and all the rest.


My good thoughts are on their way right now! Baby’s have a way of surprising us when it comes to getting better. My youngest brother and sister (twins) were preemies who were also both under a pound at birth. They made it just fine as will Beth’s little Emma. So have I said; So shall it be. [sub]My version of an impromptu “spell.”[/sub]

evilbeth is tough, and I’m sure her little girl’s gonna be a scrapper. Prayers and good wishes are on the way to help the little one fight the good fight.

I’m praying.

Add mine to the list of good wishes.


oh man. My sincerest thoughts and prayers are will Evil and her little evilette. Pull through Emma! We all want to meet you soon.


I’m sending good thoughts and vibes to them right now. Hang in there evilbeth and family. Emma will feel your love and hear your voice and when she’s ready, feel your touch and she will continue to grow and get stronger with each day that passes.

Thinking of you and your child. Hang in there, EvilBaby!

(Well, it’s probably a lovely baby, but you know what I mean!)

My good thoughts to the new evilette.

::Takes off Supercape, wraps around Not-quite-as-evil Emma, walks out::

Good heavens. All sorts of good vibes heading south. Please keep us posted.

((((((((((Beth and Emma)))))))))

Prayers and happy-baby thoughts are headed your way.

[celestina whips up a spell of love, warmth, positive thoughts, and strength, wraps it in pretty paper, and ties a silver bow around it]

Wierddave would you pass this present along to {{{{{{{evilbeth, little Emma Katheryn, and Steven}}}}}}}, please? I’m thinking about them and wishing them well.

Considering the pure, strong, genuine evil that is her mom, I have no doubt that little Emma will have no problem at all bouncing back from her impromtu entrance into the world. :slight_smile:

Many positive thoughts and healing energies on their way north. Hugs to the family.


Lots and lots of good and healing thoughts being beamed across the Atlantic.

S. Norman

Best wishes for Emma (she has a lovely name, BTW).