Pre-emptive Pitting of the first moronic ass face to roast kid(s) alive in the car!

Well, the summer heat is hitting some areas early. Time to hear stories about the beach, lemonade, sunburn and the annual parade of fucknuts who think they can leave their kids in the car with the windows closed.

So, what will it be this year? A woman who leaves her kids to have her vagina waxed for her special date? Maybe a guy who thought the kids would be okay in the car while he played 18 holes of golf.

Somewhere out there is a story waiting to happen…someone is going to roast their kids in their car, and there will be some LAME ASS story behind why the kids where in the car at all.

So, step right up, morons. Accept this pre-emptive pitting.

Might I be permitted to modify the qualifications of your preemptive pitting to also include those who leave their dogs in the car with the windows rolled up?

And goats. On one occasion, I stopped at Carl’s Jr. and there was a van with GOATS left inside with the windows rolled up.

Yes! Pit 'em all! We don’t even know who they are yet, but they will make themselves known soon!

Might as well include the inevitable braindead father who will drive off with his infant on the roof of his car. Bet there’s at leat one of those this summer.

Sooner than you think, Philster.

Possibly the worst one I’ve ever seen–this woman left her 8-year-old son in the car while she worked. On purpose. They found him in the trunk, but it’s possible that she left him in the car and he crawled into the trunk. At least he had toys.

Article from News & Observer–Boy Left in Car Had Toys.

How can anyone be so stupid? And how many more times will it happen this summer?

A nurse’s aide yet. But she’s either totally illiterate or doesn’t own a TV or both. How could she not know that it is both dangerous and illegal to leave a child unattended in a car? I hope she goes to prison for the maximum time.

Also left in the vehicular Easy-Bake:

Eleven year old daughter with cerebral palsy.

Two month old infant.

Eleven-year-old and an infant.


Way to go, assholes!

To this OP, I say “Hear hear!” And lets start with my moronic aunt that used to put her children (my cousins) in a hot car when they were too rowdy in order to calm them down. FWIW, she’s only family by marriage.

However - why wouldn’t an 8 year old or an 11 year old just get out of the car if they were too hot, assuming they weren’t impaired in some way - granted, it’s been a while since I was that age, but I’m pretty sure I would have gone hunting for my mom if I was that hot - do the car doors not open or something?

Okay, you can’t pit this one. The 11-year-old was perfectly capable of opening the car and neither child was in any distress.

I mean, leaving a child or a pet in a car is bad because they can’t get out. MAybe kids are dumber today than when I was a kid, but when I was 11, I had mastered the skill of opening a car door.

Still on the shitlist, sorry. The sort of heat that would keep the 11-year-old soundly asleep could have been lethal to the infant in a short time – and, (crazy as it may sound) the eleven-year-old was still at risk, regardless of his ability to get out of the car. The kid with CP probably could have gotten out, too.

If you’re waiting for mommy, it’s easy to pass out from the heat – and not wake up.

But would the 11-year-old recognize signs of distress in the baby, or know what to do if the baby were in distress?

That’s absolutely true.

Oh yes you can. An 11-year old is NOT a babysitter by any means and should not have been left alone with the baby. What was the 11-year old going to do if something had happened to the baby?

And don’t forget FEAR of parental reprisal–many kids think their parents are Godlike and should be obeyed to the letter of the command.

I dread these stories–such a (excuse me) fucking waste. And such stupidity–it’s not ignorance, it’s stupidity.

I wont post what I wanted to, too much cursing. So I’ll say this.

Fuck you assholes, don’t have kids if they’re going to inconvenience you SO much that you have to leave them in the car while you shop. Just fuck you.

I remember that in some of the cars from my childhood there were child locks on the rear doors that would prevent people from opening the doors from the inside. If something like these were engaged, the 11 year-old couldn’t have gotten out the rear doors, and frankly, climbing through the front seats to open the front doors might not have been something an 11 year-old would think of(especially when drowsy due heat exhaustion).

Though I agree with this thread almost entirely, I’ll take issue with this statement. I was baby-sitting siblings and neighbor kids at age nine. I was loaded down with phone numbers, and with the awareness that if all else failed, run out and get a passing adult. There is no reason that a responsible pre-teen cannot be left in charge of younger children except for the American cultural desire to extend the length of childhood and irresponsibility to completely unreasonable limits.

I have to say, when I was 11 I was very obedient, and I’m not sure it would ever have occurred to me to get out of the car when I knew I was supposed to stay there, even if things were getting too toasty for me. (FTR my parents never left us in the car without windows cracked, and never for more than a few minutes.) Anyway, at that age a child probably isn’t going to understand the warning signs of heat stroke or whatever.

Do we need to get all new mothers to sign something when they leave the hospital?? Like “by signing this form, you acknowledge that you have you have been informed that you are NOT EVER supposed to leave your kid in the car BECAUSE THEY COULD DIE!!” ?

The dads, too?