Pre-flight Aircraft Checks

Where can I find a 3-D picture/diagram/schematic which lists all the components of a Robinson R-22 helicopter? This would enable me to have a reference to identify visually where all the parts are that need to be checked during a pre-flight check. I am having trouble remembering/knowing where various parts are located i.e. yoke flanges, sprague clutch and this diagram could be referred to/memorized to expedite the pre-flight check.

It’s in the POH.

The flanges are behind the access hatch on the right side, on the shaft. You check the Sprague clutch when the engine is running and the rotors are turning. (Split the needles and listen for the warning horn.)

Oh – If you have any doubts as to the operation of the aircraft – and that includes the preflight – consult with your instructor! An aircraft is not an ideal place to make guesses.

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Always use a checklist.

Checklists? Checklist is for wussies!!

A friend and I went for a flight in his Cherokee (or was it a Comanche? Can’t remember) and while we were doing our pre-flight (about 1/2 an hour) some gazillionare and hit hot woman jumped into their Lear that was parked right next to us on the apron, fired it up, didn’t even clean the snow off of it, and took off.

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