Pre-made seasoning thingies you can keep in the fridge.

The hummus and ground beef threads inspired this thread.
In my refrigerator I have homemade tahini in a small jar. I wanted to make hummus and didn’t want to try to find tahini in the store. I had sesame seeds, olive oil and a food processor. Wa-La! Tahini.

The Spanish-style spiced ground beef should really have some recaito in it. Seeing as how most people on this board are not Puerto Rican, I am sure that, not only would no one have some on hand, nobody would know what the hell I was talking about. I have a large container of this in my freezer.

One other thing I have in a smallish plastic container is a curry paste made with curry powder, garlic and olive oil.

These things have made my dishes that much more delicious. I am looking for more. What other flavoring thingies can I make and store? What culture are they from? How are they used?