Pre-Poll: Pick the next President

If you could choose the next President, who would you pick? Your candidate must be a natural born citizen and 35 years of age to qualify-after that, anything goes. I will use this thread to create a poll on the same subject.


What’s in it for me if you get the job?

Geoffrey Canada or Van Jones

Bill the Cat.

Rachel Maddow

Bill Bradley in 2000 was the only candidate I’ve ever been genuinely supportive of, and I can’t think of others since then that I would want, so I’ll go with him again. I like to think that Gore’s biggest problem in 2000 was Clinton-fatigue, so Bradley wouldn’t have had that against him in a head-to-head with Bush. He’s not exciting, but he’s always come across as more personable than Gore, so I don’t know what the GOP could have done to negatively attack Bradley. What could have been if the DNC hadn’t given all support to Gore from the get go…

Clinton, who ended his presidency with an over 60% approval rating? Clinton, the only president since 1946 so far to end his presidency with a higher approval rating than when he started?

Nah, Gore’s biggest problem was Gore. He ran an awful, directionless campaign, which started out ok during the primaries (against only one toothless opponent, Bradley) but badly lost its way when he finally faced off with with real competition from Dubya. He refused Clinton’s help, which was especially bad in a couple, potentially key southern states. He chose Lieberman for his running mate. And worst of all, he never managed to present a consistent image of himself as a leader to voters.


Smaller government, lower taxes. Repeal of the Patriot Act. Dismantling the Department of Homeland Security. Legal marijuana, abortion, gay marriage. GITMO closed, those detained there tried in regular federal courts, under regular rules of evidence.

William Jefferson Clinton, but he fails to qualify on other grounds.

I found you a loophole for your pick: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Legal weed?

Yeah, those things have worked out great for the last ten years.

My pre-poll, my rules. Natural born citizen and at least 35 years old, period.

Bill the Cat is out-we all know he was born in Cuba.

You two can hash it out in the primaries…if either of you make it, that is. :smiley:

Donald Trump.
I want to see him point his finger at a recalcitrant cabinet officer and say “you’re fired”!

Sarah Palin.

I *demand *to be entertained!

Elizabeth Warren.

Ron Paul.

Go, you crazy little fucker, GO!

Martin Sheen.