Fine, fine. All the candidates suck. Then who should be president?

While reading A cogent and measured political essay, it occured to me that all the candidates suck ass. At least, that’s what the essay says and it’s really easy to take shots at these candidates no matter what party is listed on your voter card.

So, let’s look at the other side: Who should be president? If you had the ability to pick a person for this position, who would it be? If it’s honestly one of the bunch that is on (most) ballots, fine.

For me, it would have to be Bill Bradley. The guy has a history of really caring, doing the right thing, trying his best to not play the party game, and (as you might guess) generally is on the same side as myself on most issues. He’s intelligent, but not an ass about it. He’s a hell of a lot better than anyone running, and he had my support in the Democratic race.

So, who should be president if you could choose and why?

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David B used me as a cite!*

How about Cecil? He’s certainly a US citizen over 35, and he’s obviously smart enough to be President.

William Bennet

Im with Satan on this one, I liked Bill Bradley, barring that after an exhaustive candidate search (report availible upon request) I nominate Myself.

My main qualification: the President should be someone who doesn’t want the job but serves out of duty to the American people.

With that in mind, Colin Powell doesn’t look too bad to me. I disagree with him on many issues, but I trust his sense of honor.

Damn. Now I’m spouting Tom Clancy’s poo-poo. I’m switching to Raymond Chandler.

I nominate William F. Buckley. I can’t think of a single reason he shouldn’t be president (other than the fact that he’s not running).

…him or Jack Ryan. :slight_smile:

My dream Presidents:

Bob Kerrey, former Senator from Nebraska (D): Intelligent, courageous, willing to take a serious look at hard issues (one of the first people to truly tackle Social Security reform in any form other than “well, we’ll just pretend it’s safe”), and generally moderate.

Jack Kemp, former Representative from New York ®: Also intelligent and courageous, and given to inventive new ideas for the government to help solve problems without the government actually getting involved (enterprise zones in inner cities, etc.). Generally conservative on financial issues and somewhat liberal on social issues.

I’m with Satan as well. I voted for Bradley in the primary (at least, I think he was still on the ballot and in the race). He’s the only candidate, for example, flat out to state that he’d have nothing to do with allowing creationism to be taught in schools. No pandering there. A very intelligent man, and c’mon, he played with Reed, Monroe, DeBuscher, Jackson, how can you not like him? :wink:

Zell Miller, Democratic former governor and soon-to-be Senator from Georgia. Delivered the keynote address at the '92 Democratic convention. Fiery speaker. A moderate Democrat with charisma, and a great track record. Courageous, as well. He risked his political capital by campaigning to remove the Confederate battle flag from the state flag of Georgia. He still managed to get re-elected governor, and after his second term, left the governor’s office with an 80% approval rating. Keep an eye on him. Sure would like to see him run in '04, if Gore doesn’t win this one.

Though his presidency was marked mostly by lack of accomplishment, he has done a lot since and is stronger and more respected now. I think he’d be great. Of course, I liked him as president when he WAS president.

I sure would have liked to see a Bradley/McCain matchup instead of what we have. I would have voted Bradley.

I’ve been thinking about how to improve the system. I’m thinking that the Buddhist have a good idea as far as picking their leader at an early age. Let’s pick a gifted child and start training them for presidency. We could eliminate a lot of the power struggle and favoritism that way, because the child would be guaranteed that power from the start. Of course then you have to decide who gets to do the training. Dang. Thought I had a good idea for a second.

I have to agree with John Corrado about Bob Kerry. (Although that Buddhist/Golden Child idea is intriguing, VileOrb!)

This sounds to me more like an opinion poll belonging in IMHO than a great debate. I’m sure that if any of the people mentioned in this thread were actually candidates for president, there would be enough information revealed by the opposing political party and/or the media to be able to throw mud at their character.

That said, I imagine that most people don’t think all candidates suck, they think all candidates suck except for theirs.

If I had to choose my dream candidate for president, from one of the major two political parties? I kind of like my senator Barbara Boxer. I think she’s a person of integrity and principle, and I agree with many of her views.

Doh! That should’ve been “Bob Kerrey”

I like John C.'s choices…to add 2 from the left of the aisle…Paul Simon (the former Illinois senator, not the short singer)…the man drips with integrity and George Mitchell of Maine…anybody who can work with David Trimble AND Gerry Adams both has to have some ability to build consensus

Alan Keyes in 2004!


I thought that as well, but since most of the political threads have been here, and since politics can lead to a debate cery easily, I thought it best to be here. YMMV.


Fortunately, people are resisting the urge to yell “Howard Stern” (another reason I put it here - not to disparage the IMHO crowd, but it is a bit less formal in there), and the people most folks are listing DO have a ton of dirt both good and bad on them. I mean, they’re mostly all already high-profile politicos, aren’t they?


Well, I think all of the candidates suck.

There… A debate for you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, let me note to everyone: In the OP I asked “why” you chose your particular person. Please do elaborate, so we can possibly get more of a debate going, maybe? :slight_smile:

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David B used me as a cite!*

As a profession, comedians seem to have what it takes: intelligent, quick-witted, well-informed, and able to take some serious heckling. Most of 'em hang pretty far to the left, though.

Dennis Miller, anyone?

He wants to abolish the income tax and put in tarriffs instead. He compares free trade to the US being the best mall in the world and we foolishly don’t charge anyone to put up a store in it.

Makes sense to me. But it’ll be 4 more years until I can vote for him again. I wish he’d run for senator somewhere.

Barney Frank.