Anyone for President 2008!

If you had the power to choose the next President, whom would you pick?

When I say anybody, I mean anybody. Hopefully a person proven to be honest, hard-working, and compassionate to the public at large.

Let’s just get some points out of the way:

  • Many of you will probably nominate Cecil. I suspect he wouldn’t take the job, as he’s having enough grief dealing with the Teeming Masses; having to deal with the complaints by the nation that invented Monster Truck Pulling… I just don’t think Cecil would go for it, and I don’t blame him.

  • “Anyone but Bush”; yes, I agree, but this question isn’t an attempt to start an anti- or pro-Bush discussion, merely the president you would choose…

And this question is open to non-Americans, such as myself, since the U.S. has such an, uh, impact on the world every day. But anyways…Who Would You Choose?

Modesty forbids…

If Jimmy Carter wasn’t so old I’d pick him. My choice is Al Gore. He exudes competence and compassion and, other than Carter, the most morally upright man to run for president in the past century.

1st Choice: John McCain - Yeah, he’s disappointed me a little lately too with the pandering to the RR and supporting an edministration which was all too willing to destroy him during the 200 election season, but I admire his position on many issues and, face it, the man’s paid his dues, big time, not that this in and of itself should propel him to the Oval Office, and I don’t think it does.

2nd Choice: Barack Obama - Green? Sure. A little young? Sure. However, I’ve attended two of his speeches and the man is dynamic in person. He speaks with conviction and his words seem to be his thoughts and his alone. I also like his position on many issues.

3rd Choice: Bill Clinton - Yeah, that’s right. I said it.

4th Choice: Russ Feingold - A sensible and fearless voice (IMO) in a Bush world

If she were rather younger, Margaret Thatcher. (Hey, you did say anyone). Bill Clinton would be my second choice.

I believe that Warren Buffet would make a good president. Based on what I’ve observed of him, he is:

  1. Extremely intelligent.
  2. Very much aware of all important events and trends taking place in the world.
  3. A man with good morals and ethics.
  4. Aware of the dangers of capitalism run amock.
  5. A “people person”. (i.e. he has good communication skills and puts others at ease.)
  6. Very rich, and therefore would not need to shamelessly beg for money all the time.
    Other potential nominees, should Buffet reject the post: Bill Clinton, Rudy Guiliani, Barak Obama, Al Franken

Michael Moore, just to piss off all the Republicans. :smiley:

Batman, if he’s prepared to take on the immense responsibility of holding office.

I’m not planning on voting this time around. Whoever the two candidates are, it doesn’t matter anymore. It will be like trying to decide whether to live in Kansas or Nebraska after you’ve been living in the lowest level of Hell for 8 years.

I wonder if anyone will say they want George Bush as president again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone for president, huh? How about Abe Lincoln? THERE is a Republican I could vote for. How about JFK? I didn’t agree with much of his policies, but maybe he’d still be interested in the US actually doing something meaningful and grand in space.

If McCain runs I may consider actually voting for the man. Be the first main stream candidate I would vote for in a long time. Same for Guiliani. If Barak Obama runs (doubtful I know) I will certainly take a close look at him as well. Other than that I’ll have to see what is actually served up for our inspection, and sift through their stances on whats important to me…and probably end up voting libertarian again anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


Jeez, SD really needs an ‘edit post’ option. That, or I need to actually review my posts before submitting :). The typos in my previous post are horrendous.

Apologies to all.

BTW - I agree with BobLibDem. Jimmy Carter and Al Gore are also good possible choices…although they’re both better now than when they were actually in office. But yeah, Carter’s too old.

Gore’s just not interested. Good for him. He’s much happier now it seems.

I’d go with Mike Bloomberg. I really like how he managed NYC since he took office in early 2002. Jeez, talk about inheriting a mess, and the town is humming right along. Yes, some things he’s promoted, I’ve disagreed with, but you can’t agree with someone ALL the time.

Giuliani did great things with the city as well, but he really made enemies too. By the time his 8 years were up, many folks weren’t sad to see him go.

Bill Maher

Guiliani or Powell would thrill me as President, assuming they govern as the semi-honorable* semi-Libertarians they present themselves as.

I’d also be willing to take 4 more years of Jimmy Carter if it would guarantee us another 8 years of a Reagan-like Republican. :wink:

[sup]*Expecting a politician to be completely honorable is just asking for disappointment. After all, they are politicians.

George Carlin. If he croaks of a heart attack too soon, Kinky Friedman.

I like Powell Too, though he’d never run. He’s damaged goods at this point anyway.

Thor, God of Thunder.

I like his firm stance on Tin Tariffs.

I especially like Powell myself, although I doubt he will ever run.

I’ll second that! :slight_smile:

Amen to that.

Whoever is really dedicated to breaking the political power of the corporations – or at the very least, freezing them out of any and all influence over executive-branch policymaking. And I don’t trust even Howard Dean to do that. Best choices would be either Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich, or Bernie Sanders. And Nader is a lawyer but has no experience in government; the best post for him would be not president, but attorney general. Of the other two, Sanders is the elder, so I’d go with him for prez and Kucinich for veep.

Oh, he’s prepared – or, at least, he can be!