Prediction/prophecy of Islam in the Bible? Torah?

I have seen some evidence that Jesus was predicted in the Torah (Old Testiament). Yes I know it’s not enough for some people, but there was some indication that something was (or is) comming.

Is there any indication of Islam in the Torah or the Bible? If so what is that prediction ?

There is no such prediction in the Torah (which is the first five books) nor was there ever thought to be any such predicitons in Tanakh (what most Christians would call the Old Testament) until decades after the ministry of Jesus.

BUT Muslims have seen predictions of Mohammed in Deuteronomy 18 (the Lord will raise up a prophet like Moses) and John 14-16 (Jesus promised to send the Paraclete -like himself- who will guide people into all truth)

It’s a translation of a Greek pun. Like in the story of Susanna and the Elders, the pun is visible only when you put it in Greek.

Parakletos ‘Paraclete’ ~ periklutos ‘praised’ ~ Arabic ahmad ‘praised’ (an alternate name of Muhammad from the same 3-letter root).

Jesus foretells the next prophet, Ahmad, in the Qur’an 61:6. The name Ahmad here is taken to mean Muhammad.

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