Which prophecies do Jews believe Jesus and Mohammed failed to fulfill?

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I’m hoping a Muslim doper will come along and correct me if I’m wrong, but Mohammed never claimed to be the Jewish messiah, correct?

There are several things that the messiah is supposed to accomplish. Among them are the rebuilding of the Temple, an ingathering of the exiles, world peace, etc. Jesus accomplished none of these things. That’s why Jews don’t believe Jesus is the messiah.

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I don’t think Islam has the concept of the messiah as Judiasm/Christianity do. Rather, the teaching is that Mohammed, Moses, Jesus, Buddha, and other religious luminaries are all merely prophets of God, out to convey His word (why God couldn’t just write out his word on unbreakable stone tablets on a mountain 10,000 feet tall is beyond me). Mohammed gets special attention merely because he is the last prophet, but IIRC fundamentally he’s on an equal level with the others.

OK, I realize that I didn’t really answer the thread opener’s question at all.

The first thing to realize is that there are biblical verses that Christians consider to be messianic, but Jews do not. The most famous such verse is probably Isaiah 7:14. Christians see this verse as messianic and referring to the virgin birth of Jesus. Jews, OTOH, do not see this verse as messianic at all. It is a prophecy that relates to the specific period in which it was uttered.

That being said, you must first identify which prophecies Jews consider to be messianic, and then ask “Did Jesus fulfill them?”

Probably the most famous Jewish messianic prophecy is Isaiah 2:1-4.

This has obviously not come to pass.

Another famous one is that the messiah will be descended from David (I’m sorry I don’t have the chapter/verse cite handy – I’ll look it up later). If Jesus did not have an earthly father, then he could not be descended from David. (Jewish law does not allow for a parent’s personal status to be passed on to adopted children. Therefore, Joseph’s adoption of Jesus does not confer upon Jesus Joseph’s geneaology. Furthermore, only the father’s geneaology is considered for tribal affiliation, kingship rights, etc. Therefore, Mary’s being from David is of no consequence.)

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