Predictions for 2008?

I predict:

  1. HRC will win the Dem nomination.

  2. Whoever wins it, the Dems will take the WH and increase their share in Congress.

  3. W will not attack Iran before his term expires. He’s shot his bolt.

  4. Things in Iraq will not get significantly better or worse by January 2009.

  5. Neither will things in Afghanistan.

  6. There will be civil war, or something pretty near, in Pakistan. No guess as to who will win it.

  7. Petroleum prices will continue to creep up with no end in sight.

  8. By the end of 2008, the U.S. economy will be in even worse shape than it is now.

  9. However, things will be better for Brangelina.

Good news! The number of illegal Mexican immigrants will go down.
Bad news! Because the housing sector will crash and require fewer workers.

The dollar will be competitive with your higher-priced toilet papers.

Wars and rumours of wars. :frowning:

Britney Spears will get pregnant again. She’ll continue to drink and do drugs thoughout her pregnany. When she’s in labor she’ll show up to the ER drunk and/or high. The baby, if even born alive, will be deformed or have brain damage. The father won’t be identified, but dozens of men will claim it as theirs.

No, it won’t. Too stiff and scratchy.

From James Howard Kunstler’s weekly “Clusterfuck Nation” column, 12/31/07:

BHO - will win the Democratic Nomination.
The US will see 4 bucks a gallon for gas.
Pakistan will disintigrate much further than anticipated.
The Green movement will intensify.
I’ll lay plans for the most amazing treehouse in a huge shagbark hickory behind my house.

Wow, BrainGlutton–I don’t know which panic attack to have first
—peak oil and the end of US History…or scratchy toilet paper?
How will we survive?
I predict that 2008 will be kinda like 2007.

But maybe I should buy some more Charmin, just in case.

During 2008:

A natural disaster adversely affecting thousands or millions of people – major storm, hurricane, something of that ilk – will occur, with at least some rational members of the scientific community laying the blame on global warming.

An extremely scary-sounding terrorist threat will be thwarted, with great trumpeting by the government that thwarted it.

I will say 17 particularly stupid things on the SDMB, as judged by me (YMMV).

  • A dozen more recalls from China on the scale of those seen in 2007 during Q1 will be the catalyst for major boycots by Q3; stores like Wal-Mart and Target will make token claims to not import from China (though they still will). Sensing opportunity, either or both candidate will make make trade embargos part of their platform, assuring people that they do it to ensure the safety of the american people and protect our jobs. Which will lead to…

  • China’s ecomonomy entering a severe depression, which will be seen as good news by many Americans. Gas prices will stop climbing as China doesn’t buy the gas it can no longer afford. Gas prices will go down some, but consumer goods will go up if people actually buy from other countries. Most people will see it as a victory anyway, despite no real savings.

  • The northeast and midwest will continue to see record snow this winter, possibly leading to a crisis on scale with Katrina. Probably inland in Maine or one of those western states that border Canada.

  • The November election will be won by a genuine landslide. The losing side will loudly accuse the other of vote tampering. If the dems win, they’ll be acused of: trying to invalidate the votes of servicemen and women, allowing felons to vote, and having a significant number of dead people vote in the election. If the republicans win they’ll be accused of: tampering with voting machines, and voter intimidation/misdirection (like trying to get people to vote on the wrong day). Just like in 2004. And 2000. And…

  • A bill to make the election a federal holiday will be proposed, but loudly protested by companies who don’t want to give workers an additional day off every 4 years. The bill will die a premature death.

  • If a candidate who is in favor of universial health care is in fact elected, it will come out by December that they really propose to force people to buy heath care, not provide or fund it. Duped voters will moan loudly, and the candidate will enjoy the lowest first quarter approval rating in recorded history.

If 1, not 2.

I will go to Alaska, with or without accompaniment.

I will regret not skiing more than I will.

My wife’s cat will be eaten by a coyote. This is not so much a prediction, more a certainty.

Everything else is wide open, baby!

My stock investment tip for 2008 (and coming years): pawnbrokers. I think the industry will have some great years coming up. In the U.K., that means a choice between Albemarle & Bond and H&T Group, the holding company for Harvey & Thompson. I don’t really follow the U.S. stock market and so don’t know if there are any publicly traded pawnbrokers in the country, but if there are, I’d suggest checking them out as potential investments.

(Anyone who wants to take a pop at me in a separate thread for being willing to profit from the financial distress of others is welcome to do so. As far as I’m concerned, it’s no fault of mine that a bunch of Smiths and Joneses borrowed too much money to spend on crap they didn’t need in the first place.)

That Kunstler is quite a fearmonger. Anybody else get the impression he’s rooting for a depression? :dubious:

  1. Mitt Romney will win the Republican nomination. Second most likely winner - John McCain.

  2. HRC will win the Democrat nomination. Second most likely winner - Barack Obama.

  3. A continuing rise in economic populism/isolationism/protectionism. Both Edwards and Huckabee seen as good VP candidates as a result.

  4. Housing market woes continue, causing low growth in 2008 (but no recession).

  5. Iraq will continue to improve - and will not be a major issue in the 2008 election.

  6. Afghanistan will take over from Iraq as the important war-related news story.

  7. Democrats make gains in the next election, but not nearly as much as they think.

  8. God knows what will happen in Pakistan.

  9. Radical changes coming to mainstream media as they fight the continued erosion of viewership/readership.

  10. This may be the year that marks the wholesale flight of music away from major labels and towards web-based independence and self-publishing. Radiohead set the stage this year.

  11. Oil prices rise a bit more, but not to crazy heights as suggested by Kunstler. The primary effect of this is to speed market introduction of more fuel efficient vehicles - primarily hybrids and plug-in hybrids, although the latter won’t show up in large numbers in the market for 2-3 more years.

Romney will acquire a reputation for dickeshness and sooner or later do badly in the election because of it. Huckabee will grow more popular until some of his bizarre lapses don’t seem so cute or harmless anymore, and he’ll also do badly, but after Romney.

This one is really going out on a limb, and I can hardly believe I’d even venture it, but - on the basis of appearances today - the Republicans will be their own worst enemy, and the Dems will not be their own worst enemy. No, that can’t be right, can it? Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I’ll put it out there in the spirit of fun.

Oh, yeah, that young singer, Spears - she’ll do something amusingly appalling every few months until people get bored of her. Then she’ll keep doing it, but we won’t know.

No, not exactly “rooting.” But what he’s expecting makes a depression look like a hiccup.

There will be an economic recession in the US but this one will be unusual because it will hurt the wealthy much more than it hurts the middle class and the poor, whose incomes have not risen so they have been “adjusting” all along. This time the wealthy will have to adjust. This will have conservatives suddenly screaming in panic about the unbearably horrible economic collapse that is going on. Middle class types may well buy their twaddle, while wondering why things do not seem so awful to them.

I predict that at the end of 2008, James Howard Kunstler will predict that 2009 will be the year when suburbia finally implodes. :wink:

Beginning as partners in the ‘war-on-terror’ in Iraq, China will invade the middle-east in order to secure oil supplies (they learned it from us). The US will sit back, as China holds all of our debt. Russia will not be happy.

Influenza - 2008.

A prominent mouthpiece of the right-wing will be gunned down. The liberals will be blamed but it will turn out that the killer is an unstable fan. The liberals will continue to be blamed.

The water crisis will grow and begin to get media attention.

Hannah Montana will continue her rule of terror

The NBA Celtics man! If they win its a story … if they fall short its a story. Probably this will be true in the post-season in may-June and in October during the pre-season,

Beijing Olympics will make household names in many nations of athletes you have never heard of or (if you are a fan of a participating sport) only vaguely have heard of at this point.

There will be a memorable line ala “You forgot Poland” “Poland doesn’t consider herself under Soviet domination” “You sir are no JFK”“Where’s the beef” … moment from the debates this Fall.

My confidence in these picks passes 90%