Preemptive song ID from commercials thread

I was expecting to see these threads already, so I’ll ask and answer them myself. Feel free to join in with your own - fun for the whole family!

“What’s that song in the Gap commercial where the two pretty people are being chased down the street?”

Love Is All Around - The Troggs. You may remember them from such songs as Wild Thing, and The President’s Brain is Missing.

“What’s that song in the Spiderman commercial where he flies around on a map of the U.S.?”

Journey to the Center of the Mind - The Amboy Dukes. That’s their only hit that I know of - of trivia interest is that is was Ted Nugent’s first band.*

*[sub]If somebody brings up The Lourds I’m going to push my monitor off the desk[/sub]

Good! There are two I’ve been wondering about, and I didn’t want to start a thread…

  1. The MasterCard commercial - one of those “…priceless” ones. It features a bunch of crazy dogs doing crazy things, and the song goes, “Whether I’m wrong, whether I’m right, I got to be me.” It’s sort of a reggae/Wyclef mix.

  2. A GAP commercial from a few months ago - I don’t remember it at all, but the song won’t leave my head: “I wanna fall in love with a girl like you, a girl like you.” It had an alterno-rock/pop feel to it.

Sorry they aren’t pre-emptive, but these songs have been driving me crazy!

Don’t remember the commercial for #2, but is it A Girl Like You - The Smithereens?

“I’ll say anything you want to hear…I’ll see everything through…I’ll do anything I have to do…just to win the love of a girl like you…”

Now that song won’t leave my head…:slight_smile:

Nope, I downloaded the mp3, and it’s definitely not that song.

Thanks for trying, though. Hopefully someone else will know.

Alright, I ask here? What’s the song from that Gap commercial with Dennis Hopper lounging by a pool. It sounds like an old British Invasion band like the Hollies, but I’m not for sure.

Noticing a Gap commercial theme here. A strategy on their part?

widdershins, according to this site:

"Two White Shirts," directed by the Coens, features a languorous poolside chess match between Dennis Hopper and Christina Ricci

I’m guessing this is the one you’re talking about?

"Two White Shirts" feature the Beach Boys’ “Hang On To Your Ego” and “I See The Rain” by the Marmalade

Oh oh oh, lemme ask one!

There’s an ad for sports shoes (I think) that has a great-sounding funk song playing over a bunch of guys playing basketball, filmed in an “aged” sort of way so it looks like it came from about thirty years ago. I believe it opens with something like “my oh me, the funk’s on me” or something, and I know it mentions the year 1975 over the course of the song. I am dying to know what this is – I want the full length of this song!


from a cached-on-Google copy of the Boston Globe Online for 3/23/2002:

Playing a supporting role on tomorrow night’s Oscar telecast is MasterCard International, which will unveil two new spots in its ‘‘Priceless’’ campaign. ‘‘Pets’’ shows the credit card helping pet owners provide for the needs of their furry friends (to a version of ‘‘I Gotta Be Me’’ recorded for the commercial by Wyclef Jean).

There’s a cruiseship commercial (carnival?) that’s playing currently that features an older-sounding song. The band sounds a lot like the Animals.
Does anybody know what I’m talking about?

I posted this question a few weeks ago and it sank like a rock:
On CNN they are showing advertisements for Malaysia with this theme song “Malaysia, Truly Asian”. However that is not the song I want to ID. I want to ID the instrumental track at the beginning of the ad. I recall female voices but they were not singing words, just humming. Anyone know ???

There are a couple of cruise ship commercials that feature the song “Lust for Life” by Iggy Pop. I suppose that would qualify as an “older-sounding” song, to a youngster.:wink:

Okay, I remember seeing a car ad, that starts off as a spoof on those pretentious perfume commercials- i.e., Calvin Klein’s obsession. A guy and a girl are in the middle of the desert…obsessing over one another. Then a car drives up and interrupts the scene, and music plays in the background. Sounds a bit like “Miserlou”- the song played over the credits in “Pulp Fiction” but I don’t think that’s it. Little help? Thanks!

OK, that one took a little while. I’m pretty sure it’s “Keep that funk alive” by Bootsy Collins but there are two versions, one is with Fatboy Slim. (And the start is “Glory be, the funk’s on me”).

The ad is from Nike, you can check it out at:

That’s Bootsy with the guitar (bass) in the commercial.

Still trying to track down the exact song used in the commercial.


Pete Yorn has a song that I think is called “a girl like you” on his CD musicforthemorningafter. It’s a bonus track, so I don’t think it’s part of the track listing but that might be what you’re looking for.

I don’t remember the commercial, but The Troggs had a song titled “With a Girl Like You”. Could that be it?

Follow-up on the Bootsy Collins song:

The only version I can find is the “Keepin’ dah Funk Alive in 1995” off the 2-CD set with the same title. I tried the sample, but because it’s off a live album, the first 30 seconds of the track is just speaking, so I don’t know how it sounds. There is supposed to be a remix version with Fatboy Slim, but I haven’t found it yet. There is a strong possibility that the version on the commercial was recorded just for the commercial, which was done as a tribute to the lesser-known basketball leagues of the period around 1975, hence the mention of that date in the lyrics.

This is an old one, I can’t remember the car it’s for, so I’m not having any luck on this site. It’s the obnoxious “Trust us, you’re gonna want one” car commercial. I find that the background music gives me goosebumps, even if the commercial itself is irritating.

Thanks, MisterThyristor, that’s the one.

::seriously delayed reaction:: Thank you so much, Mister Thyristor!

Does anyone know who does the song for the nike football Ad. The one where the are playing in teams of three, with Eric Cantona and the Ref?

it sounds alot like Elvis but has a very modern sound. Whoever it is it sounds great!

I want to get hold of a copy!

Thanks in advance