Pregnancy can be scary

Yup, sure can be.

Lady Friend and I had a scare on Monday morning. LF’s 12 weeks pregnant and we woke, decided we’d like to be intimate and then noticed straight away afterwards there was blood on the sheets. A hell of a fright and a morning spent waiting for the doctors to check over LF and see if the baby’s ok.

The relief came at 10am when a scan showed the baby alive and kicking (and hiccuping on amniotic fluid, which I never knew they could do!) and the news that the bleeding was not harming the baby who was securely sealed in the womb.

So we’re taking things one day at a time and I’m keeping an eye on Lady Friend like never before. There are three scan pictures of the baby too which indicate its about 13 weeks old, give or take a few days. The baby (nicknamed “The Brat” for the time being) turned round at the last minute for two of the scans but we got one of it from the side. Incredible to think that its all curled up, safe inside Lady Friend till, fingers crossed, it decides to pop out half way through January :cool:

Glad to hear it was all ok. Our first ended in a miscarriage, we are on our second now, about 5 months through so we’re past the most dangerous period, as are you.

Good luck.

Hiccuping is fun! Pretty soon your wife will begin feeling the baby as if it is a goldfish tail in a bowl of water.

Wait until the kid becomes all knees and elbows in that cramped space.

I still remember laying in the bathtub with the jets on my large belly and seeing a foot press through against the jet and the shift his back towards the jet.

My son has always enjoyed a good back massage.
Here is to an uneventful, healthy pregnancy!

Try not to panick too much.

I am also pregnant and started bleeding around 12 weeks. I was told to not have sexual intercourse, and not to have an orgasm. I had to be put on bed rest for about two full months. The bleeding continued - but multiple ultra sounds showed the baby doing just A-OK.

Finally one day it all stopped. Just like that. It was pretty scary - but it doesn’t always mean terrible things can happen. Try to keep a cool calm head. It can help her if she can lay on her back for a while with her feet up. Even for a few days will help.

I’m 22 weeks now and am able to be back at work. All is well. I hope the same goes for the two of you!

Thanks all :slight_smile:

The doctor told Lady Friend that 98% of women who bleed heavily during pregnancy go on to deliver perfectly healthy babies and since leaving hospital, there’s been no repeat of Monday morning.

So Lady Friend is resting up and not moving too much during the day or night, the most she’ll be doing is supping on a cup of tea while she watches Big Brother :wink: