Pregnancy Test Accuracy

I’m late, not really late, but “it” should have been here over a week ago. I’ve taken a couple of preganacy tests, both were negative. One as recently as Sunday-the one week mark. I actually thought it was coming because I had some really light spotting one afternoon over the weekend, but nothing ever came of it. Should I take the negative test as a definite or not? Does anyone know how reliable hpt results are? Also are there any variables that would result in an inaccurate result?

How reliable it is should be printed on the instructions leaflet somewhere.

Home pregnancy tests are almost %100 reliable. If you’re still not sure, by all means go to the doctor or the clinic to be sure.

Positive home tests are nearly 100% accurate, but there’s a significantly higher incidence of false negatives. Several of my friends have had negative tests the first week or so they were late, when in fact they were pregnant.

Personally, I’d never take a negative test as definitive. Not even a lab test, since my mother had four different pregnancy lab tests done in the late spring and early summer of 1975, all of them negative. She thought she had some kind of godawful hormone imbalance that was mucking everything up, so she went to the gyno. Only thing wrong with her was that she was three months pregnant with yours truly. She never got a positive pregnancy test with me; the pregnancy was diagnosed during a pelvic exam.