Pregnant doper checkin... updates anyone?

Bedrest sucks. Get lots of stuff you can do with your hands like sewing, puzzles, books, move a tv into your room…

You can lay on your back pending doctor allowance but you need to be heavily propped up, almost in a sitting position. Laying on your back will put pressure on that vein and among other things exacerbate the evil hemmoroid!

Laying on your side, left in particular, is the preferred bedrest position. For some reason your circulation works most efficiently in this position. I spent a month + on bedrest with my daughter. I was allowed to get up only to use the bathroom and to take one quick shower every other day.

Any pregnant doper people in the MA area need a crib? I have a really nice baby italia one collecting dust. I also have some really comfy nursing pajamas that I would pop in the mail if someone wants those too. You can email me - email’s in the profile.

As I look back on my last post, I see that I wound up having the baby seven days later. Now she’s three and a half months old!
Labor went well, though I had some complications for a couple months afterward. Still, we survived everything, and after being a needy lump of protoplasm, she has started to be tons of fun, smiling, laughing, cooing, and so on.

Good luck to all the preggo ladies, and if this is your first, try to enjoy your freedom and sleep while you can!

Obligatory Baby Pictures

Aww…Chloe is the CUTEST thing, Aeryn. :slight_smile:

Has anyone else ever struggled with a weight problem? I have always battled my weight (even though my highest wasn’t that high…around 170ish on a 5 ft 5 inch medium build frame) and I know I don’t have any choice but to gain weight here, but TBH, it scares the living crap outta me.

Doc okayed me walking 1/2 mile-1 mile per day as long as I stay on reasonably flat ground and don’t jog. She also said I can do yoga if I feel like it, as long as it’s reasonable. No wrapping my ankles around my earlobes, after all. :smiley:

I’m eating as much as I should and trying my hardest NOT to gain any more weight than needed so I don’t have to take it all back off again once BabyJesus shows up. I know however many pounds I put on, I’ll have to take off and the longer it takes me to get them back off, the harder it’ll be on me.


I’ve always struggled with my weight… Unfortunately I gained about 90 pounds per kid… the ‘good’ part is it was mostly water weight.

Even if you gain a ‘normal’ amount of weight you may put it on in places you didn’t expect… don’t fret too much and remember it takes time to get your body back to normal after baby comes. So don’t be discouraged when you leave the hospital with baby but still in maternity clothes.

I gotta keep that in mind, Tanookie. That and my ever-handy Girlfriend’s Guide says 9 mos up and 9 mos down with the weight. sigh Oh well…at least I’ll have a purty baby to show for all the weight I put on. :smiley:


Staying on a low glycemic index/low glycemic load diet really REALLY helped the weight gain last time. (I weighed less the day after Bren was born than I did the day I got pregnant!) Check (the Univ of Sydney site) - you can do a database search on different foods, to see where they fall. I tried to stay below a 70% profile (the numbers are percentage match to a straight hit of glucose or a slice of plain white bread). Doing that kept my weight gain VERY low, while baby still got plenty of food (I didn’t limit my calories at all, but I avoided the blood sugar spiking that creates the weight gain as your body converts the excess to fat).

As for the telling, we told Gabe when I started showing (when my lap started being ‘shared’), IIRC. This time, we pretty much told them right away. Bren (2) knows that the baby is in my tummy, and he has allowed that the baby can have my left breast, but the right side is HIS. LOL! Gabe isn’t excited much yet - he knows it won’t be here until after school is out. That’s way too long to bother with yet.