Pregnant Doper Check-in? I missed the last one...

And you know how searches slow things down at peak times (or that’s what I’ve been told).

Anyway, epeepunk and I are joining y’all. Okay, I am, but he helped. :wink:

Due date, Nov 27 or so (won’t know for sure until I get my checkup, in about, oh, a month…).

And I’m a bit nervous. I’ve miscarried so damn many times, it is hard not to A) Obsess over every cramp and symptom, and B) even grasp that it might just stick this time. Kind of a surreal place to be - not really grasping being pregnant, but obsessing about it anyway.

So, to feed my unholy obsession, tell me how you all are doing.


To one of my favorite doper wimmen!

I know this will be an excellent pregnancy…how do I dare say that?

Your (projected) Due Date is my birthday! I’m very durable, some say, obstinate.

I’m stoked for you and keeping my fingers crossed and sending loads of good vibes to your bump!


Well, I’m not pregnant, but my new wife, ladybug, is. (We married Jan 11).

Yes, we know the day she conceived. It was sort of an “oops.” On her birthday. January 24th. She says she knew she had conceived the next day. (No kidding. She says she can feel a “pinch” when she ovulates, too.)

For Valentine’s day I got an EPT with a pink and a blue line. :eek:

Anyway, we have an ultrasound picture at 7 weeks. She’s about 10 weeks now, and we have our first OB appointment tomorrow. (Her GYN referred us since she no longer does OB.)

Due date: November 17.

I’m gonna be a pround first-time father at the age of 39! :smiley:

I should no longer be a pregnant Doper any day now. I’ve dropped several times, and I don’t know where else he can go but out! Also, if I don’t go into labor on my own this week(37 weeks), the perinatologist has decided I shouldn’t go past 38 weeks, because the baby is already 8 pounds. I have an appointment on monday, and I presume they’ll tell me then when they are going to induce me… if he doesn’t come tonight. I’ve been feeling strange all day-- the weirdest thing being that for most of the day, trying to take a deep breath gave me terrible stitches in my sides. The baby also seems to be pounding away at my belly as if he intends to bust out a la Alien.

I’m 24 weeks, due July 10 or thereabouts with our first. It’s a boy! And a big one, by the looks of him (and me).

We are very excited. Excited, and terrified.

Ooh, if I can get one just like you, that would be great, Shirley (though I’ll probably regret saying that, LOL!).

As for them big babies… near-to-term ultrasounds are notoriously bad at estimating anywhere near the actual size of the baby. They thought Gabe would be about 3/4 of a lb bigger (IIRC) than he was, and they thought Brendan would be a good 1 lb 4 oz bigger than he was. OOPS.

Granted, both my boyos were big anyway (8 lbs 12 oz and 9 lbs 6 oz), but that didn’t keep me from birthing them anyway. Without trauma, either - it CAN be done, by real normal women, with real normal bodies. You need thoughtful support and some faith in yourself… but the people who say it can’t be done are just scared it can’t be done, not certain it cannot.

So, for all of you getting close, if you want the Straight Dope on what helps and what does not regarding pregnancy and birth, check this out: - that site breaks out all the interventions and approaches, with (GASP) EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE. That is, real clinical info, with details on what makes a difference, when, and why. Read up before you write your birth plan. :slight_smile: Their entire book on the subject is available free as PDFs.

And woot that there’s someone here with another Nov due date. I was thinking I’d be alllll alone.

Oh, and (Cochrane Medical Abstracts) has a whole pregnancy/birth section for evidence-based medicine (abstracts only). Worth the read!

I’m also 24 weeks pregnant with our first! Due date is July 8th. The sex is going to be a surprise, though. The yellow and green baby clothes are starting to roll in. :slight_smile:

Congrats pregnant dopers.

I won’t be joining your ranks again but I wanted to wish you all good luck and easy pregnancies and short labors :slight_smile:

My boy is 5 months and I’m already nostalgic for his newborn days. Every phase he outgrows is the last time we get to experience that stuff. But each day brings new challenges with both him and his sister!

By the way - any pregnant dopers near MA/NH need some baby stuff?

Congratulations to you all!


I’m about 20 weeks. Due date of Aug 8 and we haven’t done our second ultrasound yet to find out whether we’re having a boy or a girl. But we want to know!
First pregnancy here. Pretty nervous because it just got classified as high-risk.