Any pregnant dopers/expectant dads/new parents about?

We’re expecting irishbaby#1 in July.
I feel sick, exhausted and grumpy, and swing between madcap excitement and high paranoia about what having a baby will actually mean for us.

Thought it was time for one of our perioodic “Doper bumps and babies” threads so I could fine out who else is in this boat!

The wife could drop at any minute. Baby’s due Jan 10 but no one thinks it’s lasting that long.

Left Hand of Dorkness and I are expecting our daughter on December 31! Happy Lendervedder, give your wife my empathy and a nice foot rub on my behalf. I’ve had a fairly comfortable pregnancy so far, but these past two weeks have been kicking my ass: hip pain, back aches, heartburn, mondo nosebleeds, congestion–whee!

I am both. I have one son, Leo, who will be one on January 15th, and I am due with another little boy March 30th or so.

The only thing I can tell you Irishgirl is that it has been terrifying, but everyday has gotten easier. :slight_smile:

Congrats Irishgirl! Hope the baba doesn’t arrive around the 12th :slight_smile:

Happy Lendervedder - I am due January 9th. We’ll see who has the baby first :slight_smile: This is our second child, and we already know it’s a boy. Still haven’t decided on a name yet though.

I have a son who’s almost 2.5 and I’m expecting another boy around March 15. I’m glad this pregnancy has come second, because it’s been a lot harder than the first one. Had it been first, there might not have been a second one.

Congrats to all!

We have a sixteen month old, and another due on June 22nd. Already the differences between the two pregancies are like night and day. Long story short, first pregnancy was a breeze. Three months into this one, and I’m pretty sure both of us are going to need some pretty strong meds if our relationship is to survive intact. Best of luck!

We are expecting our first soon, my due date is January 18th, but I am really hoping she decides to come sooner. It’s been a good pregnancy so far, but these last few weeks are really kicking my butt.

I had been feeling like I wished I had more time to get prepared, but now that scared and not ready feeling has turned into feeling like I want her here yesterday! I am so ready to be a mommy now. I am still scared and not totally prepared (yes this pregnancy was planned, but I have turned into a total worry wart about everything) but I am ready to get this pregnancy over with!

I’m expecting my first in July as well. So far the only symptoms I have are sore boobs and uncontrollable eating. I actually wish I would get some morning sickness so I wouldn’t feel the need to be eating all. the. time.