Prejudice-what should one do about it?

So, someone makes a rude remark or treat someone bad because they are of different race, class, sexual orientation, size, political party, etc. The offended party pulls out the “you’re prejudiced!” card and they go on about how ignorant, hateful, etc. the perpetrator is.

There is something that I noticed in those types of situations or discussions—I notice that the offended party seldom offers advice on what the perpetrator should do in order to lessen the prejudice, just more personal attacks instead.

If someone IS indeed prejudiced, what should they about it? Especially the prejudices that DO NOT stem from a lack of exposure or not knowing better, but rather from anger, bad experiences, or peer pressure.

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I guess the most important thing is recognizing it.

Seek truth relentlessly. Question beliefs - your beliefs and the beliefs of others. Find the right questions. Live yourself into the answers. Look for the good in all people.

Learn demagaugery.