Premiere of Double Take Comics!

Don’t bother.

Dreary. A whole line of eight new titles, and they’re dull. They’re supposed to be hip 1960s retro zombie stuff – all shiny and fins.


The only good thing about these losers is the price was only $2.50 per copy. I’m out $20. The issues are out in the trash.

About average art: competent. But the writing is uninteresting, in a “stream of consciousness” or “overheard in passing” style.

Sorry guys, but nothing good to see here.

Oh, this is Bill Jemas’s little company?

Apparently so… I thought I was a Marvel zombie, but I don’t know the name Bill Jemas. Looks like he’s mostly a businessman, but did a very little comics writing too.

I feel bad for him; there was obviously a lot of work put into the launch of Double Take. The production is nice and slick, good covers, professional printing, a coherent “house style” and a lot of attention to continuity between titles. (A place where Marvel and DC have fallen down terribly for the last fifteen years or so!)

I can hope his enterprise succeeds…but unless reviewers surprise me by informing me the quality of the writing has rebounded, I’m not going to be buying any more Double Take comics. Hey, who knows? It could happen.

Think back to Marvel’s New Universe…largely a failure, but it had bright spots… Or the first explosion, a decade ago, of Valiant Comics…which was brilliant! Some of the best titles ever! (The recent revival of Valiant was…so-so. Not horrid, but not brilliant.)

Oh God yes. Yes he did. The 15 Worst Comics of the Decade. First entry.

That particular comic was also the subject of a recent article in the AV Club.

Mierdantino! I am beyond astonished! I had no previous conscious awareness of the guy.

I just bought the eight Double Take first issues…and wanted to pan 'em, here, maybe to save anyone else wasting $20.

Holy Jeeze! The guy has a track record of fail!