Premise: NCIS = Magnum, P.I.

Back in the 1980s, Donald P. Bellisario created a show called “Magnum, P.I.” Twenty three years later, he created another show called “NCIS.” My premise is that these shows have much in common.

I’m not asking you to *agree *with this premise. I’m asking you to *pretend *that you agree with the premise. Given that, which characters from one show line up with characters from the other show? And why? There are no wrong answers here; it’s just good clean fun and speculation.

Here are my answers:

Ducky = Higgins. Pompous, given to telling long involved stories that nobody else cares about.
DiNozzo = Magnum. Great investigator, given to flights of fancy about old movies, and a bit of a lady’s man.
McGee = T.C. Great with technical stuff. Granted, one is mechanical, the other is electronic, but that 's the difference in the decades.
Ziva = Rick. Good with fisticuffs, and tapped into under-world contacts.
Abby = ???. Well, there really isn’t an analog here that I can see.

I’m assuming your mileage may vary. So what are YOUR correlations?

PS - if this thread doesn’t go completely down in flames, more TV show correlations to come in the future. I’ve got a million of them!

I’ve said before that all Bellisario shows follow the same formula. The setting is military, or at least hierarchical. The lead character is a highly-competent, well-intentioned male. The supporting characters are a mix of competent females and flawed males (either geeky, horndog, or elderly/eccentric).

By that rationale, Gibbs=Magnum; and older probably because Bellisario himself has gotten older.

Nope. Burn Notice is Magnum PI.

Nope - Burn Notice == A Team

I’ve said that myself. A group of friends who are usually doing favors for free for somebody with a sob story instead of focusing on paying customers.

I’ve never seen an episode of Magnum, but I protest the assertion that no one cares about Ducky’s stories. In-universe, Abby, Jimmy, and Ziva all seem to want to hear them. For that matter, every time Gibbs interrupts Ducky in the middle of one, I want to scream, “Damn it, let the man finish! That was interesting, and it’s not like the guy on the table is going to suddenly become less dead!”

You’re all violating Bellisario’s Maxim, you know.

I can see the similarities, but I can’t really make the characters mesh together. DiNozzo = Magnum is about as far as I can get.

IMO Magnum was the better show, although I do like a lot of the subtleties of the NCIS character interplay.

Exactly. Hero for hire.