Prepare to get Farked

We’re linked on Fark, will the hamsters survive?

Kinda neat though, maybe some new subscribers will come our way.

WoOt, I juzt cant w8 2 c who joinz us frum Fark… :rolleyes:

The message board is linked, or the main site? gets linked all the time.

Note: whilst the SDMB accepts credit cards, Cecil himself prefers cash.

How long have we been linked? I’ve been having unusual problems loading the fora for the past couple days and this could explain it.

As of right now it’s only the seventh link down, and it’s a link to this article from the archives, not the boards.

Well, there went that theory then. Thanks.

True, the link is to the archives, but wouldn’t that possibly still bog us down?

I’m not sure. But they do regularly link to the archives and I’ve never noticed any slowdown.

It’s gonna suck some bandwidth from the Reader, but I’m pretty sure the message board is located on a different machine so it won’t be robbing us of any precious CPU time. Last I heard, that was the primary reason of the SDMB’s slowness at peak hours is the processing power, not bandwidth.

I’ve seen the main site get linked every couple of weeks or so. A link to the board itself would probably put the hamsters in therapy.

It’s happened before - there was a Fark link to the Lord of the Rings thread. That’s the last link to the boards I remember on Fark, though. The result…wasn’t good, IIRC.

That was Slashdot, I believe. To the best of my recollection, there hasn’t been a link to a SDMB thread on Fark’s main page.

You know what I think?

It’s a Trap!