We've been Farked!

Go to fark.com

About 6 news items down and tell me what you see.

Oh God not the LOTR monster thread again. As if the poor hamsters were not suffering enough with the upgrade.

Wont somebody think of the hamsters.

It’s not linked to here, it’s linked to the Teemings site.

When THAT gets Farked I’ll worry. Until then we have nothing to worry about.

I hope not Airman. The monster thread is back on page 1 of Cafe Society with new posts added today. Still there is only a couple of new posts so I shall defer to your greater doping experience.

Heh. Someone like my Dante one.

Me say “like.” Me caveman.

Greater Doper experience? Pshaw. :slight_smile:

I read the comments thread and there’s no link to here…yet. But who knows?

Last night when I went o bed the web counter for the Teemings site was hovering around 12,000.

Right now it’s over 54,000.

Holy shti.

No dbout do tu you’re supeareor edtiing siklls.

I did that on purpose. You’re not supposed to say shit in MPSIMS.



That would be because the page was listed on Fark this morning. :slight_smile:

Ignore me…

(Read the whole post Kwyj, not the the one that was linked…Sheesh!)

We do, punkin. We do. :wink:

Is this how you won the Little Guy Award? :wink:

So…We’ve been Farked because we were listed in Fark this morning? Really? That’s brilliant! it’s…it’s… some kind of bizarre Mobius logic or something!

You’ve got a letter missing in “pompous”, Weirddave.