A quick note about a previous thread

Before the Mods descend upon me with the Wrath of Cecil…

This is the story that all us Dopers wrote here (with proper editing) before Cajun Man shut down the thread:
One enigmatic man’s dream denefestrated all reality. In time, barnacles adhered snugly under Wilbur’s buttocks. Suddenly His locomotive exploded, raining fiery poop upon chumpettes of robotic origin. Every virgin, Uzbekistan. Native tries crack at least for the chance to become a baronness.

No, you infidel, burn in Tomato-land until such events spiral out of any semblance to… huh? Floccinaucinihilipilification was normal, however Algeria wasn’t. Despite manipulations by third-world pirates and their doppelgangers, the diamond cartel demanded exclusive rights to publish Hunter’s zombie disposal techniques. Inexplicably, sandcrabs have bioluminescent cup-holders.

These events dismayed Bennifer, whose allies remonstrated with Peru haters armed with very smelly ventricles. Moreover, squids devoured all the creamy ooze-filled cupcakes hastily. Unsated, they whacked moles repeatedly with decisive and sharp adjudications until postpadding couldn’t amuse even the Perfect Master, humping endlessly. For all of eternity…

I think Regallag the Axe said it best:


Damn, I wish game thread’s werent’ banned. I’d be good at that one.

Methings cajun man has a bit of a short temper. or perhaps he just closes those threads with the template reply at lighning speed out of nothing more than a sense of duty.

I expect…not.

To be fair, it could be seen as post-padding… and it was probably eating up the bandwidth. But I wish it was still on. :slight_smile:

I wonder about the logistics of doing such a thing in livejournal, either in one specific person’s or in a community allowing anonymous posting.

As I know ~nil about starting a livejournal community, I will leave the planning stuff to someone who knows more than I do. But it is a thought.

Kytheria, look here: http://www.skipmagic.net/magicboard/index.php?showtopic=173 for a similar thread on SkipMagic’s MagicBoard. We’re up to 126 pages, three words at a time!

And it’s all compiled here: http://www.skipmagic.net/magicboard/index.php?showtopic=238 up to some time in February.

kinda sorta like Mad Libs.

We could’ve called it Mad Dope. Bwahahahaahaaa