Cajun Man, what are you accusing me of?

You say, in locking this thread, that I know better. Apparently I don’t.

It was sort of a game thread, OK, but it doesn’t appear that there are vast numbers of game threads currently cluttering up the forum. It wasn’t a post party thread and since I posted to it exactly once I don’t see how it can be considered post padding.

So, yeah, not really getting it.

Pure speculation here, but maybe he’s operating on an assumption that as a Charter Member, you’ve read all of the stickies.

I won’t offer an opinion on whether the thread was an egregious waste of board resources.

I don’t deign to speak for Cajun Man or anyone else, but Otto, are you being deliberately obtuse? Clearly, there is no content there. Everyone knows how the song goes, and nothing is being added to the thread by people posting the next lyric. Ergo, there’s no reason to post other than to post–AKA, a postcount padding thread.

I certainly read the linked one when it went up two years ago, and read it again when he linked to it. I remain unclear as to what it is I supposedly did that was in violation of:

So the two things that are flat-out forbidden are count-padding threads and post party threads, and game threads are to be self-restricted based on a number of factors. My thread was definitely not a post party. I certainly don’t think it was “post-padding.” That leaves game. The tone of the locking post was such that it seemed like Cajun Man expected that his reasoning in closing the thread was so self-evident that no further explanation could possibly be required, and that I had done a “Bad Thing” in starting the thread. That’s not the case, so gee, I’m asking for clarification.

And I won’t offer an opinion on the passive-aggressive bullshit that’s inherent in your “I won’t offer an opinion” snark.

Except that of the 21 posts preceding lockdown, 12 of them weren’t posts of the next verse.

Look, I don’t really care that the thread got locked. I’m not going to be lying awake gnashing my teeth about the thread being locked down. My concern is with the tone of the lockdown, like I did something deliberately and flagrantly violative by starting the thread.

There were 3,2670mm worth of content inside the 99 bottles.

ml not mm

Since when is “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” a game? What are the rules? How can you tell who wins?

posted by a rather testy Colibri

Drink cyberbeer? They’re the only one not passed out on their computer keyboard?

With a knick nack paddywack, give a dog a bone, this old man came rolling home.

Good. At least you’re not passive-aggressively offering an opinion. :rolleyes:

C’mon, Otto. The rule, or guideline, or whatever you choose to call it is: threads that do nothing but take up bandwidth will get shut down. Even the “Are You Older/Younger Than Me” thread involves some sharing of new information between posters. The thread closed by Cajun Man wasn’t informative, wasn’t prompting posters to learn about one another, nor was it more than moderately entertaining (if that).

It had nothing to add and was in the murky, judgment-call area of the rule cited in the thread. I don’t think there’s much to question in the mod’s decision. Just trying to be honest here: it’s not a big loss.

Oh, snap. I missed a couple of posts.

Sorry, Otto, disregard my last post. You’ve already answered that concern.

I will say though: you barely got chastised. Not even a slap on the wrist. Do you feel condescended to? I don’t think that was how Cajun Man meant it. It was a warning in which he claimed that he expected you to know it would probably get locked. The ruling says anything resembling a postcount thread will be scrutinized. As a veteran poster, he expected you to know it. That’s all.
Don’t worry about it.


99 UncleBeer’s on the wall…

Clearly he was sarcastically making fun of the other comment.

Anyway, that was one of the lamest threads I have seen in quite some time. Shit like that should be closed. You really should have known better, Otto.

I thought it was fun

Don’t worry Otto,* I* won’t be passive-aggressive. They didn’t shut down the T or D thread, even though it went on for 22 pages and was a game. Why? Because it was a valid game, because I don’t believe there were any other games running in MPSIMS and not that many games at all, and because it was fun - we were learning about each other.

If you don’t think your thread was a stupid waste of time, then I’m surprised at you! I’m all for silly games, even though I don’t participate in many, but that was one of the most ridiculous threads I’ve ever seen. You should have known better, Otto, and you shouldn’t be whining about it.

I knew it was going to be closed. I figured the OP knew it was going to be closed as well, and was taking a chance to have some fun, but I didn’t know he’d whine when it was rightfully closed.

Dude, sing-a-long threads are soooo 2001.

Everything changed after 9/11.

Me too sniff