Why was this thread closed?

Marley23 closed this thread apparently because it was pointless. I’m a bit confused because it was posted in MPSIMS and I thought that was the place for threads with no point. Is there more to the thread closing than I’m seeing? Why was this thread closed rather than letting it sink?

Ditto for this thread, I thought it was a good question…Why arn’t there more accidents from gas ranges? Marley23 said the OP answered his own question, but I didn’t see an answer.
ETA I’m only tacking on to this thread because it’s the same OP and Mod that MissMosie was asking about.

The last sentence of the OP is:“Seems like people never leave the burners on?”, an answer of sorts.

My understanding is that the OP was asking, with so many stupid people, why don’t people leave the burners on more often.

Both decisions seem to me to be wholly unexceptionable. I’d worry if threads like this weren’t closed, it would mean the mods weren’t doing their job. The fact that MPSIMS is for pointless threads surely doesn’t give people carte blanche to start threads on any stray thought that comes into their head.

Oh, bullshit. If people don’t respond to a thread because it’s “too pointless” it falls off the page and dies quietly. If people do respond to a thread it’s because they have some level of interest in it, either positive or negative. Either way, closing those threads is wholly pointless. Personally, I have no interest in either of them, but if others do, well, their mere presence on the index page isn’t going to bother me any. IMO, the mods’ job is to keep order, not to dictate content. There’s too much of the latter around here lately, AFAIC.

Also, there was a point that never got made: gas ranges almost always self-ignite, so the even if a stupid person turns on a burner and then forgets about it, the gas is being burned as it comes out. The worst is that a pot or pan on top will get really hot, and eventually turn black and become useless.

I once did this with a tea kettle, so I guess I’m one of those many stupid people.

I don’t see why not. If the policy was to simply close every empty minded thread, we would not need a separate forum for them. Stray thoughts in GD? Close them. Stray thoughts in GQ? Close them. Why else would you need a separate forum to collect stray thoughts, and then close them? We could just cut out the middleman, and close them where ever they start. MPSIMS was created specifically as a place for inane stray thoughts to live out their pitiful lives, instead of being mercifully drowned at birth like unwanted kittens.

Sure, each to his own, but are you really saying there should be no criteria at all for thread creation in MPSIMS?

Yes. Why should there be? Again, threads which are not popular will die on their own; those that are will thrive. I’m pretty confident in the membership’s ability to prevent MPSIMS from becoming a morass of utterly mindless threads without any moderator intervention whatsoever.

“Don’t be a Jerk”

I have no problem with post count parties being closed and threads that are “truly pointless” as stated by SkipMagic in the FAQ for the forum. If it weren’t so subjective, I would expand my question and ask for a definition of “truly pointless”. I just want to know what, in the linked thread, was seen as more pointless than could be allowable.

[Me]Yeah, that sure works like a charm on other boards that are not moderated.[/Me]

Cute. But, you’re taking that post out of the context of the larger conversation, in which I specifically said that mods should work to keep order. The post you quoted was in reference to moderation of content only.

If it helps explain anything, we are, in general, getting fed up with scrambledeggs. He/she is developing a strong history of consistently starting threads in the wrong forum and of starting threads and not returning to them. (Of 161 posts, 96 are OPs.) I think it says something about him/her that among the many threads started today was one discussing the Montreal Expos’ pending move to Washington.

Unless your stove has a thermocouple it’s quite easy to fill the house with gas. Just turn it past the auto-ignite before it has a chance to light.

Thanks Frank. I had wondered if it was the user more than the thread itself. I hadn’t realized the OP’s track record was quite that bad though.

You do know what MPSIMS stands for right? From the main page…“Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share (MPSIMS)
For general discussion: from frivolous chatter to deep thoughts; from harmless diversions to life-changing announcements.”

OK, what Frank said. Sometimes threads are closed not because of their specific context, but because of a broader setting. Yeah, MPSIMS is also for trivial nothing musings. However, when we see a poster (hypothetically speaking) with 60% of posts being trivial nothing musings to which he doesn’t return then our TDA goes up.
[sub]Troll Detection Antenna, of course.[/sub]

Ok, but we have a Poster asking GQ questions about running across crocodile backs and pole vaulting that have not been closed. Should these be closed?

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