Damn the previous poster with faint praise once again

I’ll say this about Elendil’s Heir, it really takes a “special” type of member to kill such a popular thread. His skills at creating absurd gaps in communication are unrivaled.

The slanders that Bigbabysweets2000 is plotting to recreate the great 1919 Molasses Flood are completely exaggerated. Though he has been heard to say he misses the way that the streets of Boston used to stink back in the fifties and sixties during high summer.

You can say what you like about **OtakuLoki’**s spelling and grammar, but his/her posts have always been mercifully brief. I’ve wasted much less time reading them than those of other dopers I could name.

You can tell that Sefton is really trying to write good posts.

Even after nearly 15,000 posts **Little Nemo ** can still, occasionally, find something nearly new and almost interesting to say.

Rich Mann’s posts tap a rich vein of something almost, but not quite, entirely unlike sarcasm.

I think it’s really cool that Nametag has joined us in this thread. Not everyone would have the guts, with his reputation and all that.

Maastrich can use four-syllable words!

I can not smell **TokyoPlayer ** from here!

Dung Beetle really lives up to her name.

fachverwirrt: What can I say? Your knack for stating the obvious leaves me speechless.

Dragwyr was never convicted.

Little Plastic Ninja approaches every subject with an open mouth.

Projammer can always be counted on to bring down the quality of a thread.

Shoshana tries so hard, the dear sweet innocent that she is.

Dopers have many qualities, both good and bad. Anaamika has some of them.

fachverwirrt’s contributions to this thread get wittier by the minute

I’m unfamiliar with newbie Bootis, but I’m sure if I got to know him, I’d regard him as a newbie.

I’ll be talking about** tdn **a lot with the other 15,000 psychologists at American Psychological Association’s annual convention this weekend.


Well… bless her heart.