Prequels you hope they never film

Micki + Maude - Maude

The $600,000 Dollar Man

Aristocrat Of The Jewelery is the unfilmed prequel to Lord Of The Rings. Maybe Prince Of The Rings would have worked better.

Going with the Breeze

Prepubescent Victoria

**Alien vs. Kramer
Bruce Banner, Physicist
The Monthly Meetings of the Kryptonian Geological Society and Amateur Rocket Engineers

Ocean’s ten
Die, but not very hard
Babe: Pig in the uterus
The Matrix unloaded
I don’t yet know what you did last summer
Star Wars: Attack of the clowns
Home, but not alone
Batman Never
Rambo: Before the blood
Legally brunette
Halloween H[sub]2[/sub] + ½O[sub]2[/sub]
Friend-with-benefits of Frankenstein
Father’s little investment
The madness of King George II
The night before last of the living dead

Frodo: the teenage years

The Bullying of the Nerds

This could get addictive.

Zero flew over the cuckoo’s nest
Nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred, ninety-nine, B.C.
K-18: The wifemaker
Eleven guys who are getting a little upset

Shakespeare in Puppy-Love

Endangering Private Ryan

The Incessant Baaaaa-ing of the Lambs

A Little Something About Eve

There Will Be Plasma
Cliques of New York
My Big Fat Greek Engagement
Ocean’s Six and Four Guys He Hasn’t Convinced Yet
The Devil Wears Penney’s
Dude, Where’s My Scooter?
The Twins of Belleville
Paul Blart: Kiosk Cop

The Uninjured English Man
(500) Days Before Summer
Boot Camp With Private Ryan
Star Trek IV.5: The Penultimate Frontier
Before You Were Sleeping
The Miniscule Mermaid
Thomas Anderson the Computer Programmer
Batman Hasn’t Begun
Superman Still Hasn’t Returned
The Girl of Kansas
The Day Before Tomorrow
Team British Colonies: New World Police

…And one that I would actually want to watch:“Inception of the Field of Dreams”

Are You Sure You Packed the Space-Map?

Frankenstein makes an appointment to meet the Wolf Man but the Wolf Man never shows up
T: The terrestrial
This is prepping the patient for Lumbar Puncture
The Roosevelt Show
Drizzle man
A Streetcar named Velleity
Asteroid of the monkeys
Lawrence of Britain
The medium-sized Lebowski
It’s a wonderful birth
Dial L for larceny
Resident alien Kane
Drowsy beauty
Apocalypse soon
Ancient times
The halfway decent, the rather naughty, and the mildly unattractive
Single indemnity
Reservoir Puppies

City-State of the Sun
The Pretty Long Day
1/3 of the Way
Walking Leathernecks
Enola Just Once in College
The Red Line That is Calling Jenny Craig
Das Slipper
Memphis Debutante

The Wright Stuff

OK-I-Guess Man

The Thoroughly unremarkable 4

The People With No Need to Seek Vengeance.

Parked for Sixty Minutes
Star Disagreements
Warm Saddles
Thirteen Colonies Graffiti
Medical Student No

One Million and Six Years B.C.
The Spy Who Was Getting to Know Me
The French Disconnection
It’s a Normal, Normal, Normal, Normal World

The Estonians Are Coming! The Estonians Are Coming!
The Ordinary Escape
War of the Worlds Fairs
Dr. Nope
From Russia With Vague Attraction