Prequels you hope they never film

Kitten On A Warm Tin Roof

Aristocrat Of The Jewelery

Carbon Man or
Millionaire Man

Medical College Student Who

Dorothy Of Kansas

Harry Potter and The Dull Dursleys

Ramona Quimby, Gestational Age 2 Weeks

The Sorcerer’s Job Fair

Plan 4 From Outer Space

So… um. I don’t get 2 of those 3, and I had to guess (am not sure) that Carbon Man is the faux-prequel to Iron Man.

The Phantom Menace

The Boy Who Will Be The Man Who Would Be King

The First Five Senses

Harry Potter and the Years Before He Became a Wizard and Was Just a Neglected Toddler

Indiana Jones and the Internship at the Museum of Natural History

The Kitten and The Lasagna.

The Daddy of the Mummy

Three Days Before the Day After Tomorrow: Yesterday

I Know What You Did Last Labor Day

Making Flash Cards about the Titans


October 30th


The Brad Majors & Janet Weiss Picture Show: The Denton Chronicles

The Silence of the Neighborhood Pets

Buffy the thoroughly ordinary cheerleader

Virginity & the Suburb

Thursday the 12th

The Day the Earth continued to revolve on its’ axis and orbit the sun as normal

When Harry Didn’t Know Sally

Snow White and the 7 Horny Teenage Dwarves


Charlie & Rosebud’s Winter to Remember.

Steve Austin, USAF

Jor-El and His Nutty Theories

Li’l Bruce Wayne: The Happiest Boy on Earth

(Totally not my idea, but also totally needs to be shared.)

*A Mildly Attractive Mind

Schindler’s Name

Little Embryo Sunshine


Alien 0: the Nostromo makes the long trip out from Earth and spends months mining and refining asteroids.

An Officer And A Gentleman:The High School Years

Alien vs Predator vs Terminator vs Jesus

Musketeers Academy

: A Space Iliad


Just to be safe, let’s hope that George Lucas never films three prequels to American Graffiti.