Prescription symbol in microsoft?

Anyone know how to type the prescription symbol (the capital R whose tail ends in an x) in Word or PowerPoint? I can’t find it in “insert symbol.” Any clues greatly appreciated.

It may be just a matter of finding the right font (one which actually includes the symbol). I did a quick scan through my meager collection, but didn’t see it anywhere. Perhaps someone out there knows of a font which does include it?

I’m at work, where I have a $0 budget for fonts. I need to do it in the basic system fonts. Otherwise I’m going to have to go into Illustrator and make my own and use it as an image file. Pain[sup]2[/sup].

Using MS Word.
Font: Bookshelf Symbol 3
Character: ]
Email me if you need the font.

That’s all you need. The number of free fonts available on the Internet is breathtaking.