Presenting a pic of a real live mermaid

OK here’s the deal. I finally decided to try creating a web page, mostly for a place to put pics for my family and such. Yeah I know–welcome to the 80’s. Right now I’ve really only got the address & the template but the big news is I finally got the courage to post a pic of myself.

In my best Annie Lennox Diva-like pose, here I am.

See sig.

But she can’t hold a candle to The Mermaid.

I herby renew my flirtatious banter. So, did ya get my note in Study Hall?

Very cute.

Very green.

Yes, I got it. The answer is I’m not sure…yet.

ok. I’ll be over there, buying beer.

Nice feathers…bitch.

Oh steal my thunder!!! People see my pic and say “oh yeah, you’re kinda cute”… then I see yours and think I’ll just go shlump back to the corner now… :smiley:

Honey please! There is probably a very good reason I’m only shown from the neck up and covered in feathers. I’m just too vain to show my whole damn body. But if you’ve got flaunt it, and I’d say you definitely got it. You go girl.

I’d have to drink a whole damn bottle of tequila to pose like that. Come to think of it, that’s how they were able to get the pics of me flashing my body piercings in Cozumel…but that’s another story. :smiley:

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Hey everyone! I think it’s STORY TIME!!! "D


That’s an adorable grin, do you think you can scan that image a little bigger so we can get a clearer view of your beautiful eyes?


Just like I imagined you, Mermaid. Next, the fishbowls…

You’re purty! Will you be my friend?