President Bush is in trouble, isn't he?

How can he come out ahead (and win re-election) with all that’s going wrong on his watch?
I’ve spoken to some of his supporters around here, and while they say he’s doing a good job, when asked if they’ll vote for him again they aren’t so sure. Not at all.
I’ll pick one problem. The easy one, the economy. People are losing their jobs, and those who keep their jobs aren’t getting expected raises. Department budgets are being cut. Which means fewer employees, which means more work for those who are left. Retirement funds are shrinking. Etc.
And there seem’s to be no hope of a real turn-around.
The happy days of Bill Clinton are still too fresh in our memories.

Didn’t you know all this IS Clinton’s fault?

(well, SOMEBODY had to say it)

While I’m certainly no Bush fan, I can see him winning reelection, if only because the competition is so lame.

As far as things going bad on his watch, he inherited a bad economy. We no longer are in recession, but the stock market tanking certainly makes the average American “feel” poorer, which affects their buying habits which affects the economy. The trade deficit certainly hurts things, but that isn’t his fault. I just wish he would quit spending money like a drunken democrat.:slight_smile:

I’m old enuff to remember the early Reagan years, back when everything was still Carter’s fault.

Ahhh, sweet nostalgia!

Hell, Nixon had to clean up Kennedy’s bedroom and Johnson’s incompetence.

Meaningful prognostications almost two years ahead of the election are unlikely - there’s way too much that will occur between now and then that is unknown.

Not a poll, and not a great debate, so I’m moving this to MPSIMS.

I am not a Bush fan, and I thought I would just get that right out before I say this. I don’t want to offend anyone.

I am becoming increasingly (and increasingly dismayed over it) convinced that this obsession with going to war is more a belief on our president’s part that if we go to war the economy will rebound DUE to the war and that Bush’s popularity will SOAR than any kind of real concern over what Hussein might do. The whole thing scares the pants off me.

War? For personal reasons? Well, that is what it looks like to me.

It happened during the Gulf War for his father, and I don’t think he is intelligent enough to understand that when most of the world is against you…let alone a great part of his own country…it isn’t going to happen again. He has less than popular support (to say the least) and he doesn’t appear to care what his country thinks. When his daddy did it, most of US…and most of the WORLD…were behind him. Now? Most everyone is against him. BUT…HE knows best.


I don’t think he is very smart, either…Just singleminded. “THIS IS WHAT I THINK IS GOING TO WORK, AND I DON’T CARE WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS…”

Czarcasm, I think you should have moved this to GD. JMHO.

He’s the boss. It’s his fault.
Now, what’s he gonna do about;
Osama Bin Laden. (Who?)
Saddam Hussein. (What?)
Kim Jong Il. (He’s the one. He’s got bombs and stuff. Get him?)

Yeah, but we’re only one year from the actual campaign. And that’s when this kind of stuff starts to count.


He had to clean up Kennedy’s bathroom and Johnson’s incontinence? I was sure they had staff for that…

I don’t know. Bush could win reelection simply because the democrats have just about everybody running for president and none of them are even mildly impressive. I mean, Joe Lieberman is great, but he sounds too much like the dad from Alf to be commander in chief.

Personally, I plan on voting for anyone that is not Bush.

The First Amendment was recently tested in a march in New York City.

The First Amendment lost. Is that too harsh? Let’s just say subjugated.

The next (Presidential) Republican Convention will be in Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Penn Station is right under Madison Square Garden. Do the GOP’s (soon) change venue (trouble!) or go ahead with their plans (trouble!)

Amendment X
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

Well, it’s a political discussion, so its natural home is GD.

If it’s not a ‘great’ debate, then it’s a lesser debate, so IMHO would be the next best choice.


I think our president is doing a fine job. He’s following up Clinton, he has a lot of shit to to shovel. That isn’t his fault.

I support him 100%.

BWA-HA-HA-HA! You crack me up, Breezy!

Seriously, he’s boned. Unless he comes up with Osama’s servered head, & parades it through the streets of New York.

Then, maybe.

I saw some guy on tv who said that between him & his father that neither of them have created one job, thus, if he were the first pres, none of us would have a job :slight_smile:

It may not be his fault but the rule in Washington is that if it happens while you’re in office it’s your responsibility.

I think he’s going down. But the Dems have to have someone catch fire during the primaries.

Exactly. Bush is the man in charge when this happens, so he’s taking the hit for it.

Maybe he’ll step down and Ashcroft will be the nominee.:eek:

I dunno what the hell to do with it either. I mean, stuff like this:

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