President Jacob Zuma and HIV: You're doing it right

Since South Africa is one of those countries that normally just comes up on the Dope when things of varying degrees of badness come up, I thought I’d share some good news: President Jacob Zuma just announced that his latest HIV test - his fourth - has come back negative.

Splendid for him, of course - but more important is the fact that’s he’s giving the strongest possible endorsement to HIV testing, and rejecting some of the wackier beliefs about HIV/AIDS held by Mbeki. Which will save lives.

Well done, Mr. President.


Note: IANASA (I Am Not A South African) - I just thought this was neat.

I heard about this on the radio yesterday and thought Zuma was definitely on the right track. I just hope it’s not too little too late after Mbeki’s disastrous crafting of policy to go along with his HIV-denialism.