President Obama doing an AMA on Reddit NOW

Confirmed by Reddit. Link here.

Seems to be killing Reddit. Can’t even load it.

Looks like it’s back up, but the AMA page is in Read Only mode due to the heavy traffic.

I don’t see the point. 5000 questions and still not an answer yet.

American Medical Association?
American Music Awards?

Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything?

(no, not me)

As long as he answers this one, it’ll all be worth it.

I see him replying only once so far, to a question about internet freedom.
He’s for it.

Really? He just killed Reddit :eek:

I wonder if it’s crashing just as badly for him.

He commented on NASA too. The intro says he’ll be there for 30 minutes, he’ll likely only get to a handful of the questions posted.

Still ridiculously cool, IMO.

Also space exploration.

He’s for it.

Yeah not working for me either. They have had some interesting AMAs (assuming you can browse them right now):

10,254 comments in 54 minutes. And that’s just from people who can get the damned page to load.

Apparently he favors the Bulls. I am not surprised.

As long as he says he likes Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson, he’s golden.

And he likes the White House’s beer.

Did he post a cat picture yet?

Looks like reddit’s getting a taste of its own medicine. The whole site it down (at least for me).