President Obama eats his steak medium-well!

I just watched the Air force One special on National Geographic and he was asked by the steward how he wanted his steak and he said medium well. :eek:

Clearly this man cannot be trusted. :wink:

Clearly he adjusted his order due to the fact it was airline food.

He’s just lucky they didn’t make him switch flights in Atlanta.

I am shocked!

Well, maybe it’s one of those things where the Secret Service can over-rule the President. Maybe he’s not allowed to eat any meat that isn’t cooked to USDA standard (i.e. drastically overcooked).

He’s lost my vote, that’s for damn sure.

Are you sure? I thought he was referring to his burger.

Well, the man also drinks Bud Light.

Those damn centrists and their fence-straddling, medium-well ways of doing things!

If that’s not a high crime or misdemeanor, I’d like to know what is!

Drudge is currently exposing that the Obamas went to a moderately priced local restaurant for their anniversary. For some reason, that’s supposed to be scandalous.

Because they spent too much or didn’t spend enough?

Mark me down as another who is suspicious of anyone who requests their meat cooked above medium.

I already accepted that he’s got low brow taste when he chose to have a Bud Lite at the beer summit.

Some people have a really sad life when they make a fuss about other people’s food choices

Jon Stewart had a good bit noting that Obama’s beer of choice changes based on whatever the local favorite is.

I’ll repeat- too much or too little? Sheesh, it makes him seem pretty average and normal to me.

EDIT: Apparently the issue is not the moderate price, but the fact that several soldiers died in Afghanistan today, which means that the President has to go into a period of fasting or something. I quit reading halfway through.

Is there really an association with the lowbrow and cooking your meat until it doesn’t taste like blood? Yet not actually having any burnt taste? Because that’s what medium-well means around here.

(Our “lowbrow” refer to it as “wit jest uh liddle pink inut”)

Steak is supposed to be medium rare. Anything more is overcooked.

There is no doubt that he is a communist. I will be voting Republican next time around.

Why would the most powerful man in the free world purposefully ruin a steak? I mean I sure he’s getting top quality meats.

Absolutely! I can forgive his choice of beer. Barely.

Medium-well is not pink in the middle. Nor is it the correct way to order a steak.

Perhaps he’s erring on the side of caution: the prez can’t afford to be down with a case of salmonella. But the beer? Impeach the bastard!