President Obama is right across the street!

It’s just kind of a thrill…that’s all! I have an excellent view of the comings and goings…right out my window! Woo Hoo!

I’m excited he is in town, but could have done without I70 being shut down to a crawl.

Lee Harvey Oswald said almost exactly the same thing and it didn’t work out well for anyone. Put the rifle down and think about your family and country.

Well, he needs to come to Albuquerque! I’d even let him make a speech on my front lawn. My pet birds are pretty aggressive so they would provide security.

When ever any president comes to Milwaukee he and his entire, huge, motorcade came past my work. As usual we all go and stand outside and watch (partially because it’s quite the spectacle, partially because they shut down the road so we don’t have any customers coming or going for about 10 minutes. Last time GWB was in town my dad said “You should go peak over the top of the roof with a broomstick” (Yeah, and get shot…you go do it).

Cool. I’m 3 miles from the high school. I just found out earlier today when my friend said he couldn’t come over because his brother was meeting the president. I was like, huh? I don’t keep up with the news apparently.

I doubt Oswald would have had a Kennedy poster as his avatar. I think she’s okay.

I remember when Clinton came by the hospital I worked at. They blocked off the avenue where the motorcade was to turn and we went down and waited at the barricade. And waited. I couldn’t believe the extent of the motorcade. He finally came by and we all waved and he grinned and waved back like he was surprised there was anybody there. It was pretty funny.

Gah! Clinton used to come to Albuquerque frequently, so much so that I told my mother he must have a girlfriend here. Security would screen all the downtown traffic, including busses, while I waited at the bus stop for an hour.