President Obama's First 100 Days - various tidbits of info

(This list stolen from elsewhere, but it’s worth passing on.)

Thanks anonymous guy. I knew about all this stuff but I hadn’t been keeping an actual list myself. I know there’s lots more too. For instance, just yesterday he revoked a Bush-era regulation that undermined the Endangered Species Act.

Plus, according to PolitiFact, President Obama has taken action on 106 of his campaign promises so far. Here’s how they break down.

Tracking Obama’s promises

27 - Promise Kept
7 - Compromise
6 - Promise Broken
3 - Stalled
63 - In the Works
408 - No Action [yet]
According to the latest Pew poll, President Obama’s approval rating is 63%, the highest of any president at the 100 day mark since Ronald Reagan. Gallup shows him at 65%. Fox News(!) shows him at 62%!
From Sam Stein: 10 Achievements You Didn’t Know About
There will be a prime-time live press conference tonight (Wednesday) at 8:pm Eastern.

I don’t know how that smiley face got there. I didn’t notice it because I didn’t preview down that far.

Anyway, I forgot to add the other countries he’s traveled to in his first 100 days, getting a nice head start on world diplomacy. They are mentioned in the list, but not always specifically by name. So far he’s been to:

Czech Republic
Trinidad and Tobago

And he got his girls the dog he promised!