President Palin or President Trump?

I asked a hypothetical of some friends over the weekend: if you had to choose, which would be best for the country/world: President Trump or President Palin?
There are few tougher questions (Some of my friends are still catatonic). In the end, I leaned ever so slightly towards Palin. Trump is a wildcard in many areas, due mostly to his inconsistencies. But his tough/thuggish approach and bombastic hyperbole suggests an extremely chilling presidency. Not that Palin is great in this regard, but I think I’d take a Cheney/Bush-esque Justice Department (a pattern I think Palin’s regime would follow) over an ostensibly heavy-handed Trump-directed one.

In terms of foreign policy, I think Palin’s approach would be much weaker, but less likely to cause ruin and disaster on a global scale. Both, IMHO, would be anxious to use force in negotiations or otherwise, but Trump seems to imply that it would be a defining characteristic of his approach. It strikes me that Palin would be very weak on the global stage whereas Trump woudl be more inclined to follow a Putin-like path.

Supreme Court nominations would be interesting. Palin is weaker here, as it’s likely she’d pick a right-wing extremist over a more mainstream conservative (Justice Beck anyone?). Trump has more experience vetting candidates for high-profile positions, so it would be my faint hope that he’d apply that to picking a justice. My fear would be that he’d pick worse than Palin in hopes of appeasing his vitriolic base.

Either way, it’s not a clear choice.

Oh, no fair fighting the hypothetical with “Palin because she’d quit after a month” type answers or pointing out that she’s not on any ballots (just tell yourself that Trump chose her as a running mate “so America could make the right choice this time” and became undramatically incapacitated the morning after the election).

You can define ‘best’ as the least bad or actually the best (if you have similar leanings to the two), but whichever you choose, understand that you—and your families—will have to live with the choice (no hoping for a quick nuclear option so you don’t have to care).

It’d be interesting to hear from those on the right who either supported one or the other or whose policy preferences are more in alignment with the two of them than the board’s liberals.

So, President Palin or President Trump?

There are a number of reasons I’d vote against Trump, but his signature incompetence for the big job is that he reacts off-the-cuff in aggressively lunkheaded fashion.

I can believe that Palin would meet with advisers before confidently flying off the handle. I can believe that Trump would say and do whatever damn fool thing came into his head whenever hitting hard would be a good idea, or a bad idea, or a ridiculously bad idea. I’d pick Palin over Trump, because fart noise loud talk sneer smirk it just now occurred to me to tell someone to commit a crime and shout that I’ll do everything I can to make sure you’re not punished believe me.

I never dreamed until recently that our political process would present me with a candidate with a non-zero chance of being elected POTUS that would make me type these words: I would strongly prefer President Palin.

Arsenic or strychnine? Given the choice, I’d have to go with Palin. She’s less likely to launch missiles. Sure, she’s about as sharp as a bowling ball but she’d be malleable in the hands of the right advisors. Plus there’s a good chance she’d quit halfway through her term.

Which ball would I like kicked in every morning, the left or the right?

I think either way, it’ll feel like both.

Trump has at least shown himself able to manage a business empire. We can argue about the exact degree of success, but it’s still an accomplishment that took some combination of skill and intelligence. Palin doesn’t have much of a track record of anything; she didn’t even finish a full term as governor of Alaska. Her record as mayor is better, but let’s be honest: the entire town of Wasilla has fewer people than one of Trump’s hotels.

My background: I considered myself staunchly Republican until relatively recently. Ten years ago, I’d never have voted any non-Republican; today, I’m not even sure I want to apply the to myself any more. I briefly liked Palin as choice for McCain’s running mate, but my enthusiasm for her lasted maybe two weeks. (I think McCain himself might have felt the same way.) I have never liked Trump and refuse to vote for him under any circumstances. The fact that he’s even allowed to run as a Republican taints the whole party as far as I’m concerned. But he’s still better than Palin.

Palin, because if the world is going to pot, at least I would like to see the Nazi moon invasion of the earth.

[Palin: "Shit!! This thing is getting better and better!"]


Palin, by a wide margin. For all her bluster, maverick-ness and golly goshes, I think she’d be easier to manipulate/control/persuade once in office. I can’t see Trump being amenable to ANYONE.

As others have said, Palin would be the lesser evil. She’s a politician and she’d listen to other politicians. Trump’s not aware of his limitations and I don’t think he will listen to people, even when they’re telling him things he should hear.

A nice way to sum up an apocalyptic choice.

No, I have to agree with the others that if it came to that impossible arsenic-or-strychnine choice, it would have to be Palin. She is a hillbilly hick of extremely low intelligence and capable of almost nothing, but there’s at least the hope – as others have said – that she might be controllable. Trump would not be.

And I’m tired of hearing about his alleged business success. He started out with millions and his success has been more as a con-man and huckster than anything to do with business management. Besides his string of bankruptcies, he’s being sued by thousands that he fleeced at his so-called Trump University. Just offhand I can think of at least four Trump developments from which he’s made millions by doing nothing more than lending his name to someone else’s development and misrepresenting his involvement, for which many are now suing him.

It goes on and on. I just found out today about Trump Mortgages, a venture he started in 2006 and which is absolutely typical of how Trump runs a business. CNN quoted him making the following claims then:
[That Trump Mortgages was] “the strongest and safest residential and commercial mortgage company in the industry” … During an April 2006 interview on CNBC, Trump said he thought it was “a great time to start a mortgage company,” according to a transcript of the interview … He also said during the interview that the company was “swamped” with customers seeking out financing and that “the real estate market is going to be very strong for a long time to come.”
Apparently not. At the time the real estate market was already in decline. Trump had misjudged the market – the very one in which he’s supposed to be the expert – with almost comical ineptitude. And, following the usual pattern, Trump lent his name to it, appointed an unethical incompetent doofus to run it (part of his “I hire great people” strategy, I assume), bloviated all sorts of idiotic bluster, and the company was shut down in less than two years.

Palin for the same reasons many have stated.
I’d prefer dumb and harmless over dumb and dangerous.

For what it’s worth, Trump opined back in '08 on McCain’s pick of Palin for the VP job: “Romney would’ve been a better choice,” he said. (Same time he explained that “Hillary is smart, tough and a very nice person, and so is her husband. Bill Clinton was a great President. They are fine people.” Where’s that guy? That guy sounds okay.)

Dammit, Scotty, I want that third option!

Well, one thing that’s come out of the Trump candidacy circus is that we’ve all become more familiar with the con-man, a hitherto shadowy creature that most of us had never actually seen in person, let alone actually watched him in operation. And one thing we’ve learned is that the con-man has no real public identity – he’s a chameleon whose apparent values and beliefs are all carefully crafted shams in pursuit of his single-minded goal of power and personal enrichment.

Lest I sound like I’m defending Trump in any way, I’ll ask whether Palin is actually controllable.

It seems to me that she has a history (to the extent that it deserves to be called a history) of targeting people she dislikes and then creating “for me or against me” scenarios to remove them and any supporters. Now maybe these reports were just politics as usual spinning a negative story, but you won’t have any control over a candidate who removes everyone who disagrees with her.

You saw Palin in the debate with Biden, right? She’d been coached. She stayed calm. She delivered her rehearsed lines like a small-town newscaster. She didn’t get hostile. She wasn’t angrily mouthing off right as stuff popped into her head.

That’s some lesser-of-two-evil stuff right there.

Nobody would be able to control what Palin would say, but they could very easily control what she signs. Palin as President would effectively be whatever Cheney type was pulling her strings as President. So really, we have to know who that puppeteer would be before answering the question.

God help me, I’d take Trump.