She's back! Palin endorses Trump

C’mon, you knew it was gonna happen. This election is the gift that keeps on giving.

CBS News: Cruz accuses Trump of seeking Republican establishment support. Palin is the Republican establishment?

She brings coherence and rationality.
Scary, ain’t it?

I heard on CNN that they have a lot of the same audience.

Interpret that however you wish.


Was there ever any doubt?

Palin will be Trump’s running mate. Brace yourself. I think this is just too much for even me to handle.

And share elegant table manners.

No NY values here…

That Sarah Palin has raised her children to be such good models for all of us to follow. They are just the best!

Great American values, like assaulting a female, and waving a firearm around while drunk. Fantastic.

If there ever was a match made in…well, not heaven, but they are a pretty good fit together. I only hope Trump is stupid enough to pick her if he wins the nomination. “Its a woman, we’re running against Clinton, what could possibly go wrong?”

I don’t think he will. I wonder if she knows that though. Could be fun when she finds out.

God, I just listened to her screeching endorsement speech, carried live on CNN. She’s even more of a moron than I remember.

If Trump wins the nomination how much could he possibly hurt him? it would be a landslide either way.

Og have mercy, it’s like every single thing that would normally knock someone flat out of the race happens to him, to no ill effect.

But, oh dear, you just know, Larry Flynt’s now gonna feel compelled to call up Lisa Ann and produce another sequel to Who’s Nailin’ Palin with some fat-faced dude in a red fright wig…

It could dramatically increase complacency among Democratic voters who will assume a landslide and not bother to vote.

I’m almost to the point where I’m ready tobegin campaigning for a Trump/Palin ticket. The next 10 months are going to be hilarious enough. Can you imagine President Trump and Vice President Palin? If it were a sit-com pitch, it’d be laughed out of the room.

Comedy gold, Jerry. Gold!

Can’t wait to hear from Tina Fey. :smiley:

There was a riff on that in last week’s New Yorker: he’s actually been trying to get out of the race since last summer, but he can’t be seen to back out, which would be a sign of weakness, he has to be *forced *out. But every time he does something calculated to outrage the public, his approval rating goes up.

Personaly, my first reaction is a mixture of terror and disgust, not complacency.

Heh…! Awesome. Track, good guy with a gun. I know I feel safer!

This is great - to see Cruz squirm like the worm he is.

I am starting to be entertained by Trump. What’s next in his campaign playbook? Get Romney’s endorsement?

Trump is in it to win it (even if he does not really want the job).