Presidential Candidates on Monday Night Football

Chris Berman had short interviews with both Barack Obama and John McCain during halftime. Berman wisely focused his questions on sports. (Article, sorry, no video yet.)

When asked what changes they would make in sports, Obama called for a college football playoff, which would have cemented my vote for him if I hadn’t already voted. Obama has previously proven himself an astute football fan by doing well at fantasy football.
McCain responded to the same question by talking about eliminating performance enhancing drugs.

A question about lessons learned from sports seemed, to me, weighted towards Obama, a lifelong sports player. He talked about a basketball coach forcing him to think about the team. McCain talked about his English teacher, who was also his football coach.

McCain did get in a good joke about how he want voters to think " he… could… go… all… the… way…" It made me laugh, at least. McCain has good comedic instincts, I’ll give him that.

Your thoughts?

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It was a fluff piece, which is fine. Didn’t amount to much for either guy. Obama seemed to stammer a little more than usual in his answers.

I was hoping someone would have come out rooting for the Steelers under the reasoning that they want to win Pennsylvania’s electoral votes. Western PA is happy cause they are Steelers fans, Eastern PA is happy because they are Eagles fans and always want the Redskins to lose. The catch being that you might have a hard time in Northern VA with that logic…

McCain’s pretty funny - like I said, people have forgotten that during this campaign, which is too bad.

I was hoping to hear Berman’s nicknames, but apparently he decided it wasn’t appropriately respectful. I was thinking John “Raising” McCain and “Here I am - Barack - you like a hurricane” Obama; someone in GD suggested Barack “Sweet Home Al” Obama, which was also good.

I like the fact that the MNF hosts tonight were talking about the 'Skins as an election predictor - they said the team has “correctly” predicted the winner of 16 of the last 17 elections while not drawing too much attention to the fact that Washington was “wrong” in 2004. The streak’s dead.

That said, if you buy into that stuff, things look very good for Obama despite the stupidity of that roughing the passer penalty just now.

I just can’t believe Johnny Mac went for the steroids thing. He could have bought my vote by promising to do away with the DH rule.

That was a great article to read on the Fantasy Football sorta pick’em.

I kinda wish McCain had done that too, I’d have loved to have seen the results.

The ESPN guy says that the interview occurred after Obama had learned his grandmother had died but before it had been publicly announced, so they didn’t even know about the news yet when talking to him.