Presidential endorsements

I just watched Tuesday’s Daily Show (I’m running a little late this week) with Christopher Buckley, and it got me wondering who’s endorsed McCain. Found this list. Naturally, I then went on to check Obama’s endorsements – a slightly longer list.

That’s all.

ETA: Except – don’t forget to vote November 4th!

Something I’ve never understood: Who cares about endorsements made by actors, actresses, athletes?

Me. I always vote for whomever Wakefield endorses. He’s got a wicked knuckleball, and I assume that translates pretty directly into sound political judgment as to who will best lead this country for the next four years.

Who cares about them? Nobody.

BUT, when I see the overwhelming support among noted fashion designers, I gotta think there’s something to this Obama fellow.

Vogue is pretty solidly behind him. They had a page and a half in the October issue about accessories (T-shirts, totes, scarves) that various designers have created to support Obama.

Well there ya go. They are creating fashion items for him so he doesn’t have any potentially embarassing expenses showing on his financial reports. Obviously much smarter than the Pubs.

The most significant thing about these two lists is how they’ll likely translate into turnout on election day. I’m still predicting a blowout by Obama, and the majority of the country (yes, including Texas) turning blue. :slight_smile:

TEXAS going blue? I would get SO DRUNK (in celebration) it wouldn’t even be funny! :smiley:

You and me both!

Okay, this one made me laugh.

Fontaine Maverick, great granddaughter of Samuel Maverick, from whom the term maverick is originated.

The relative worth of celebrity/fashion designer/supermodel endorsements aside, what’s stunning about Obama’s list is its diversity. Howard Stern and the National Organization for Women on the same side? J.K. Rowling and Cornel West? Richard Danzig and the Pirate Party of America? Amazing. There are people of every race, gender, orientation, religion, philosophy, economic and social background, academic level. It’s like…like–it’s like what America is supposed to be!

I see Arlen Specter is NOT on McCain’s list.

Hush. That’s just crazy talk.

Seriously? You’re surprised? Arlen Specter is the last of the old-school Republicans – very moderate. If it weren’t for the whole Anita Hill thing, I’d be a fan. He only became a Republican in the first place in order to run for DA in Philadelphia, where the Democratic field is always very crowded. (BTW, I feel obliged to say what I always do when Specter comes up, which is that he lives in my neighborhood and I once saw him buying aspirin at the Rite Aid and told him how weird it was to see him buying aspirin at the Rite Aid.)

Mick Foley supports Obama! The WWE Hardcore Legend would never let down his fans or lead them astray! He’d totally kick Mr. Kennedy’s McCaine supporting arse!

It was an amusing list to browse through, i must say.

 We shared a few thoughts about the senator some time ago, and I'm aware of how the Thomas hearings affected your viewpoint. I'm only passingly familiar with Philly politics, this DA bit was around the Rizzo era?
 Moderate, MOTR, I admire his ability to end up rose smelling even after the hard liners fume about RINOs, and prior to campaign, saw some kinship with McC in that sense.

Yeah, in the '60s:

(from Wikipedia)

Yeah, some similarity to the “old” John McCain – but I think Specter has enough integrity (Clarence Thomas aside – maybe he learned his lesson?) to take a clear look at the current reboot of John McCain and not want to endorse it. Um, him.

I don’t. But I kind of care about Nobel laureates in economics. Obama has six. McCain has zero.

It make sense if you learn about the Maverick family, which has a history of being liberal and progressive.

I used to think Texas might go blue, but with 10 days left and an 11 point gap, I don’t think he can do it unless our voter models are wildly off-base. 2012 is a distinct possibility, but probably not 2008.

Wow, Diablo Cody endorsed Obama. Why isn’t anyone asking the question, why would an ex-adult entertainment star want to associate herself with Obama? Hmmmm?

Seems like Obama’s been hanging out with lots of terrorists… and quasi-porn stars.

I think it’s very telling how many academics are on these lists: Obama has 108, McCain has 1. That’s what happens when one party is full of anti-intellectuals who try to obstruct scientific research and teach creationism in science class.