Presidents cell phone and security checks

I saw something today which stated that Trump will not turn over his phone for security screening. I can’t find anything to corroborate that. It’s sounds like something he would do. But is that even possible? Doesn’t EVERYTHING get security checks?

He’s been doing it for a while:

Thanks. I’m not sure how my search didn’t find that. WOW. That’s about all I can say in GQ.

The people who do the security checks work for the President. If he doesn’t want to do it, who is going to make him?

If only we had lawmakers who valued the integrity of our government in the face of widespread foreign interference…

I find it unlikely that any laws passed could overcome Executive Privilege.

Sure they could, if congress and the courts weren’t so corrupt.

Could you explain how you think that would work? Because I work for a government agency as a contractor and certain people get waivers from security rules. I find it unlikely that the President could not do what he wants with regards to security. What laws do you think could be passed that wouldn’t limit the President’s authority? What judgments do you think the Supreme Court would impose to stop the President from using a personal phone?

Limit executive immunity. Rewrite the obsolete constitution if you have to. And force governments to adopt security best practices.

What do you mean how? Since when does the president stand above the laws? It’s only when congress is too corrupt to impeach.

Risking the leak of national security info because he’s too lazy is just one of many derelictions of duty that man has committed. Not sure what your point is.

Nobody said he can’t have a phone. Any competent IT department would make sure everything is secure on their network. And this is the fing whitehouse.

My point is HE determines what is classified information. Not the Legislative Branch. Not the Judicial Branch. He determines what is classified National Security information. And if the President decides that information is not classified, or if classified information should be shared, that’s it. That’s the basis of the entire classified information infrastructure.

Then change the infrastructure? No one person should make that call. Or if he’s terrible at making that call and leaking sensitive info, impeach him without changing the law.

And what is he doing using anything on an unvetted phone? The potential for malware alone is problematic, even if he’s not purposely sending classified info on it. That thing is presumably within the white house networks and can sniff other devices. It’s a risk to his other staff too. One hack and some foreign entity has all the machine addresses of all the white house staffers’ devices.

^ Beat me to it

You think that Congress should determine what information is classified in the Executive Branch?

WTF does that have to do with security on cell phones?

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