But His Phone Calls...


No, of course not. But the President of the United States yaks with his friends all night on an unsecured iPhone that Russian and Chinese spies are apparently listening in on.

But we know how careless he is with classified info when he does know it, so who knows what our adversaries have learned from him.

So we’re basically relying on the President’s ignorance of and lack of interest in learning the things that a normal President would routinely know. Lordy.

Everything Trump does is right, and everything Hillary does is wrong, even when it’s the same thing. And if it was wrong when Hillary did it, it becomes right because Trump did it.

Welcome to America!

Yeah, but her e-mails.
This trumps (sorry) all else.
Never forget how a Republican responsibility avoiding mind works.
Her e-mails.

Benghazi ! Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi !

Also, he lies all the time so he’s unlikely to reveal any true facts.

The actual defense is “he’s too stupid to know anything worth spying on.” I guess that’s better?

puts on MAGA hat
Actually, it’s legal for the President to give away national secrets to our enemies. This doesn’t matter U-S-A U-S-A!
takes off MAGA hat


Meanwhile, trillion dollar deficits.:rolleyes:

What I’m looking forward to is the latest pithy drive-by Shodan, highlighting this glaring example of Republican hypocrisy.

Yep, any minute now, I’m sure…

I only follow these people because they make me laugh sometimes. Like today.

Anyone want to bet how many times from now into the future we’ll have to listen to Republican pols and pundits going on and on and on about how great a threat to national security Hillary’s never-hacked email system was, in grave tones of solemn concern, in response to questions about Spoiled Brat’s unsecured-cell-phone use…?

Because they are the masters of both whataboutism, and the denial of reality.

A more accurate “defense” would be,

They don’t need to spy on him, because he’ll just TELL them whatever they want to know, and he’s just doing what Putin tells him anyway.

Everything he’s done, is what Putin wanted. Trash NATO. Trash the EU. Trash trade agreements. Quash or interfere with investigations. Give the Russians some Israeli secret information. Helsinki meeting. Divide the country with hateful bile at his nazi rallies. Defend Nazis (fine people).

How FUCKING obvious does it have to be?

Not enough, apparently. Hard to see such things with the head buried in sand.