Is Trump, the stable genius, leaking secrets via his iPhone?

President Trump continues to use his iPhone despite that Russia and China are both listening in. Bush-43’s top information officer calls this “the most significant White House communications breach in history.” Very ironic since Clinton’s lax security was a major campaign issue in 2016.

This is old news but Trump’s continued malfeasance with his phones has made the news recently. I don’t see a thread on the topic.

Add it to the list of investigations we Dems can launch once we have a House majority.

The main secret he appears to be leaking is “which button should we press this week to get him to say the thing we want?”

That is, after all, the only domain in which he can provide actual information.

Have we considered that the definition of a stable genius may be just smarter than the average horse?

All hail President Mr. Ed! :smiley:

We do know he’s a horse’s ass.

That would be a really stupid thing to do. Unlike other government officials, and even cabinet members, there is no official policy or regulation controlling phone use by the president.

There are so many other, better things to investigate Trump for. No need to dilute the effort and taint the important stuff.

But his phone calls… (previous Pit thread)

The Chinese may be listening but I doubt they’re learning anything.

Even if he repeats the same stupid shit in private, they’ll still learn something, namely that being a fucking moron isn’t an act. Would help them quite a bit in negotiations.

Access to the head of state’s private conversations is the type of thing millions of dollars are spent on and people risk their lives for.

What!?! The Chinese could learn everything the President knows!!!

Oh wait…

“Two Big Macs with double order of large fries, diet Coke. My people will come around is 5 minutes to pick up.”

Chinese spy/ How the hell is this guy still alive? Now I’m hungry. /Chinese spy.

Maybe he’s playing 8-dimensional checkers and this is part of a disinformation campaign in which he uses an insecure iPhone to “leak” false information to our adversaries, and spreads news of his buffoonery in order to make sure they’re listening.

And why the Hell is he allowed to have a Twitter? :confused:

Legit. He has violated Twitter’s TOA so many times that he should’ve been banned a long time ago–except that Twitter makes an exception for government entities who otherwise would get banned.

It’s good to be king, I guess, because the rules are for little people.

How would you propose forbidding the president from using twitter? It would probably require a constitutional amendment.

His “people” should prevent him from Tweeting, kinda like I prevent my dogs from eating cat shit.

Probably realize about the same level of success…

Letting the Russians tap his phone directly avoids the need to make additional calls to check in with the boss, thus saving time that can be used for golfing or Twitter-trolling.

Why? He violates their terms of service. Twitter acknowledges that, but choose to ignore it. If they didn’t ignore it, they would be absolutely justified in banning him.